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I have talked to a few people recently who were surprised when I told them that when there is a Scripture reference in a blog post that is a different color than the rest of the text, you can click it and go to and read the Scripture there. It may be more convenient […]

First Page of “Using the Bible”

Matthew 3:16 When Jesus was baptized by his cousin John in the river, Heaven opened and the Spirit of God came down on Him. The Holy Spirit then did something that He loves to do after He baptizes someone: He drove Jesus out into the wilderness. In the place of lack and pain and threats […]


Hindsight is 20 20 I’m told. Prophetic sight levels vary. Listening to the Spirit improves your ability to see what’s ahead. Listening to prophets who are listening to the Spirit helps. Even if all you ever seem to have working is learning from mistakes, if you really do learn something from each one, your game […]

Walk a Mile

Never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. By then, you are safely a mile ahead of them, and you have their shoes, so you can say anything you want to without fear. […]

Good Leaders Listen

Brad McClendon had a prophetic experience in which he saw Jesus, seated on His throne, with all His leaders gathered before Him. The Lord was sharing things about Himself, but only a small number of the leaders were listening to Him, because it seemed so basic. They were trying to look past Him to see […]

Two Millennial Truths

A work that happens through the gift of prophecy is the ability to interpret events by the application of Scripture that explains them or by receiving fresh revelation from the Spirit that God is saying something to help the events make sense, or to instruct believers regarding how to respond to the events. The interpretation […]


I just buried the body of the fiercest dog yet born. My favorite dog ever. Kinda sad. […]