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To Whom the Kingdom?

If you have read what I wrote about the Bible last year (Using the Bible), you know that I am convinced that everything written in the Bible is not a promise to you. If it were true, you would need to be running most of the time to escape all of the promised curses that […]

Kingdom Gifts

You enjoy membership in at least one tribe. Some people have several memberships. One of your tribes may sit at your dinner table. Another may sit around your board room table. Soccer moms can get tribal over their sons’ & daughters’ teams. Tribes have something in common that makes working together and identifying with each […]

Black Swans

Black swans have always been around. Because Europeans (who have always thought they knew everything) had never seen one, they didn’t think they existed. They had a popular proverb that had variations like, “As unlikely as a black swan,” or facetiously, “As rare as a black swan.” In 1697, Dutch explorers to Western Australia became […]

Preparation and What’s Next

I haven’t seen in Scripture that David, at the campfire on the end of the day on which he survived fighting a bear with no weapon in hand, thanked Yahweh for preparing him for a future fight against an asinine giant. I don’t think he recognized the value of the fight beyond that of the […]

The Next Level

Computer games are sometimes structured in levels of difficulty and advancement. Your skill then is measured or scored by the number of levels you have accessed. I am anxious to get to the levels of Kingdom action Jesus talked about in Matthew 17. One is having enough faith to be able to do ANYTHING (verse […]

Where’s Justice?

Some of the ideas that get juggled about in thoughts of justice are judgement, punishment, liberty, and mercy. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness (Romans 4:3 & Genesis 15:6). If righteousness could come through the Law given to Moses and the Jews, Jesus died in vain (Galatians 2:21) Since righteousness […]

Courage to Inherit

I believe one of the reasons we don’t see cowardly people inheriting the Kingdom in Scripture is because we have to have courage or we don’t “overcome.” The overcomers inherit. The courageous share the teaching or the prophecy or host the gathering or confront the evil or encourage the broken or empower the learners. The […]

Seasonal Generosity

One person asks another person for something on December 15th. The second person replies, “Well, I wouldn’t normally, but since it’s Christmas…” We’re nice to people on their birthdays when we wouldn’t give them anything on another day. Especially our birthday. Social pressure requires generosity at times and seasons, and liberates us from any responsibility […]

Don’t Fear a Crowd

Yahweh set and declared your value. Others, including you, can make declarations that differ from your Father’s, but the truth is set. False declarations don’t change the truth. They just don’t appreciate it. Being swayed by the opinions of your audience can cost you your success – even your inheritance. Wilt Chamberlain (basketball – NY […]

Being Loved 3

The deepest, most powerful physical contact combines a manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit that is agape and the fruit of the Spirit that is faith. When the apostles laid their hands on the 7 young Hellenistic believers who were going to be assigned the responsibility of taking care of daily provision to Hellenistic […]

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