Life That Makes Sense

The universe, the atom, life, death – none of these make sense apart from their relationships to their Creator. Scientists who try to explain any thing apart from what Yahweh says about that thing will create ridiculous answers. Their names for the poles of the earth are “Arctic” and “Antarctic.” Those words are derived from “bears” and “against bears.” The big dipper is the big bear, and the little dipper is the little bear. The tip of the handle of the little bear is Polaris, the North Star. Bears don’t live in Antarctica.

The reason there are mosquitos and cockroaches and black holes and seasons and a lake of fire and a cross are all mysteries that make sense to Yahweh. Many events and opportunities and casualties and losses in your life make great sense to Yahweh. Ask Him to make your life make sense to you. Ask Him to lead you even through situations that won’t make sense for a long time, and to get things right even when they seem wrong.

Be filled with the Spirit and live under His constant influence and guidance and protection. Be awesome. Today.