Someone Else’s Faith

I have a friend whose name is Mohammad. He is not Muslim. When he describes himself, he says he is Persian. Many people named Mohammad would identify themselves as Muslims, even though they have no more devotion to Mohammad’s god than my friend does. Many church members are called “nominal” Christians, which describes them as “in name only.” Their association with the church is social or tribal, but not spiritual.

Having a relationship with Jesus that is indirect, because your actual relationship is with your family, some of whom have a relationship with Jesus, is not very valuable. Me driving to work while trying to use the fuel that is in your gas tank would be a good comparison.

Some people who have spent years in church, but never seen a real relationship with Jesus up close will be converted by seeing you experiencing one. Tell friends and family when you get blessed. When you pray and see answers, brag on Jesus. Pray for effective opportunities to share life with the dead and see them rise. You are light and salt because He is.