Economic World War

There has never in world history been a more dangerous time to live outside of the Kingdom of Heaven. The World War that the earth is currently under the weaponry of is a bigger threat to freedom and prosperity to every human than any war yet. This is a financial war. All of the flimsy, valueless currencies of the world are built on the false strength of continued creation of more money, and on the false strength of continued creation of loans that are posed as investments. If everyone tries to actually possess their money at the same time, the house of cards will blow into the sea.

There is never a time when listening to the Spirit of the King will not bring me benefit, though. The King of Heaven is an Artist at setting His people in positions to receive His provision. He warns His people to leave before destruction arrives. He warns His people to invest before the payoff comes. When we listen to those warnings, and when we allow Him to set us, we become examples of the benefits of being His people.

Trusting Him will put us in positions of blessing, even when there is a drought. Trusting human systems instead will not stop His blessings, but the blessings will happen without our knowledge, right behind us… (Jeremiah 17:5-8)