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Your Provision, Your Preparation

Joshua 13:14
Only to the tribe of Levi he had given no inheritance; the sacrifices of the Lord God of Israel made by fire are their inheritance, as He said to them.

Deuteronomy 10:9
Therefore Levi has no portion nor inheritance with his brethren; the Lord is his inheritance, just as the Lord your God promised him.

Your provision is usually very near your responsibility. If the Lord of the Harvest assigns you to work with Him in the Harvest as it ripens in Canada, and you are instead living in Louisiana, your provision is likely to be out of reach and your work will likely seem ineffective and burdensome.

Your responsibility is also an access point to your authority. Jesus did not call the seven sons of Sceva the priest to cast demons out of people. They therefore had no authority to use His name as they did it. They did have authority over demons as sons of Adam and Noah, but those were not the credentials they tried to use in the event described by Luke in Acts 19. If they had tried that, they may have found some success.

Properly getting your instructions from the King regarding His desire for your life should be pretty easy, as hard as that is to believe on days. The Holy Spirit works in us to want to do what He wants us to do. When we submit to that much, He then works in us to be able to do what He wants us to do (Philippians 2:12,13).

When we submit to the whole process for fulfilling our responsibilities, we are being prepared by the processes that the responsibilities press us through, with the point being preparation for authority.

The best of everything is ahead. The path to the best is pretty awesome too, though.

Waiting for Approval

I quite dangerously advise anyone who has respect for me to learn to know the voice of their Shepherd, and be gracious in response to advice that differs from His instructions, but nonetheless, to refuse it.

No one would have given Jonathan good advice on the day he attacked the Philistines alone with his armor bearer and saved Israel from them (1 Samuel 14). Nobody gave David good advice on the day he saved Israel from the Philistines by killing Goliath (1 Samuel 17).

He will not call everyone to lead alone against a well-armed force of demonized idol worshipers. He will not call everyone to give away everything they own and launch out to find exactly where the end of the earth is.

If He does, however, happen to call you to such exploits, don’t ask advice of people who love safety and comfort and the approval of men. It will likely be bad advice.

Being and Doing

Exodus 19:4-6

“‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.”

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

In Exodus 19, Yahweh invited descendants of Israel to become His nation through the covenant that He was about to reveal to them in Exodus 20. Peter wrote that believers in Jesus have become what Yahweh desired.

His own special people – the Body of Christ, His family.

A holy nation – set apart to Yahweh, citizens of heaven scattered throughout the earth, influencing the culture wherever they go.

A kingdom of priests – representing the nations around us in the throne room of heaven, seeking and finding grace and mercy for the needs of those with whom we interact.

The current purposes of the church in the earth include colonizing the earth with the culture of heaven, to the end that we convert citizens of the earth to citizenship in heaven, and to becoming members of Yahweh’s family.

In congregations where our purpose is only to increase church membership, we are taking up space in the dugout but not changing anything on the playing field. The consequence is that we continue to lose the game. Other teams continue to have more influence on culture and eternity than we do.

Over in the Gloryland

Could it be that we have not found the ends of the earth with either the good news about salvation or the good news about the Kingdom of heaven because our favorite songs have been about us longing to be in heaven rather than about our God already being in the earth?

I have studied and shopped for many denominational and many independently published hymnals for many years. It has always been difficult to find a book that has more than a few songs praising Yahweh, and fewer that speak directly to Him in worship. By praise, I mean declaring His greatness to other believers or to the earth, and by worship, I mean speaking to Him of His greatness or our love to Him.

By far, the majority of the songs are about us. Even a song that testifies about how He delivers us or heals us or loves us is a song about us in this sense. Songs that are just about Him, and His loving kindness and His wisdom and His glory are rare in hymnbooks.

Thanksgiving is always appropriate, but it is about what He has done for me. We know who someone is to the extent that we know what they love and hate. We know someone best when we know their pains, their strengths, their weaknesses, their passions.

Yahweh is currently passionate about producing a bride for His Son who is appropriately beautiful and righteous and full of love for Him. That should captivate our hearts and minds and property and clocks and calendars and our songs.

Emmanuel is a name and a declaration. It can be a lifestyle.

It means “God with us.”

Apart From the Law

Romans 3:21-24

God’s righteousness has been revealed. He didn’t use the Ten Commandments, the Kosher Laws, the Community Responsibility Laws, or the Financial Laws to make it known. He used prophets and the Law to inform us about it ahead of time, but He used grace to reveal it.

His righteousness is revealed in His people, whom He redeemed from unrighteousness by the blood that was tortured out of Jesus. He allowed sin to be condemned in His body so that ours could be free.

Your “rightness” is declared by and real-ized by the facts that you are born of Him and then led by Him. He changed your nature so that He could influence your behavior. Because He justified your life, He could give you the power to live it righteously.

You were made righteous by your faith in Jesus. Your behavior can exceed the Pharisees with regard to doing things right. Not because you have a better set of rules, though. It is because you accept the Ruler.

Yahweh the Terrorist

1 Samuel 13&14

When Saul was afraid of the Philistines on whom he had declared a war, he froze and his army therefore hid. One reason they were afraid was that even though there were 3,000 Israelis, only Saul and his son Jonathan had swords!

Jonathan decided to use his sword. He and his armor bearer attacked the nearest group of Philistines. After they killed half an acre of them, they had 21 swords.

What created a tide of courage in the Israeli military, though, was that Yahweh terrorized the Philistines and routed them. Israel rose up and pursued them victoriously.

On days, you have to step into the impossible to see Yahweh step into the miraculous.

Today might be one of those days.

Take a step!

Hard Hearts and Heads

Mark 6:30-52

Jesus’ disciples participated in the miraculous feeding of 5000 men and their families. When everyone had as much as they wanted to eat, the disciples each gathered a basket of leftovers from what began as five loaves of bread and two fish.

Jesus then sent His disciples by boat across the sea. At 3am, when they were halfway across, Jesus appeared on the water walking toward them. They were terrified of Him.

They let Him get in the boat, and the hard winds they had been fighting suddenly calmed. All of this astounded them, according to Mark, because they had not understood the miraculous feeding. They had not understood it because their hearts were hard.

Clearly, if you are involved in something Jesus does supernaturally, you should expect normal to shift to a more miraculous place.

You could see awesome things happen, and still have a hard heart that isn’t changed by the events. Why not always expect more? Build hope and expectations on your experiences.

Saul’s Preparation

David was anointed to be king by Samuel. Part of his preparation for the work of reigning over God’s nation was in Jesse’s fields, where he learned to worship, and to fight enemies greater than himself.

Part of his preparation for ruling was accomplished by developing a friendship with Saul’s son Jonathan. Part came from silencing Goliath’s threats of abuse against the nation.

Before David was crowned even by part of the nation, he was hunted by Saul’s army through the desert for over a decade. This was part of his preparation to rule.

Saul didn’t get the benefit of being prepared in the desert before he was crowned king. Therefore, the time he did have in the desert was spent persecuting the ministry Yahweh had anointed to replace him.


You need a firewall if you have a computer. It stops some stupid people from being able to destroy or steal your stuff.

You rarely need a fearwall, though. Hiding until things look easier or safer or more respectable is usually not the path to your awesome destiny. Gideon could not become who the angel said he was until he climbed out of the wine press. He was hiding there, doing work that was supposed to be done in a wide open place where the wind could blow away the husks he was beating off his grain.

The angel called him “Valiant Warrior.” When he stepped into that identity out of the place of hiding, he was immediately courageous enough to declare war on every pagan in his village. He knocked over their idol, which was prominently located on the town square.

Then, he declared war on an army that outnumbered him by 10 to 1. Well, that was the match before Yahweh sent 30,000 of his soldiers home before the fight. When God was done setting the odds on the game, he was outnumbered 100 to 1. And he was told not to take any weapons to the event.

What you need is a strong tower. You need the kind that you can take with you onto any battlefield. You will be safe in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah of God. You can even mess it up by anglicanizing it into “Jesus,” and it still has the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and terrorize your enemies.

Proverbs 18:10


2 Corinthians 12:14-15

Look, I am ready this third time to come and visit you; and I will not be a burden to you; for it is not what you own that I want, but you! Children are not supposed to save up for their parents, but parents for their children. And as for me, I will most gladly spend everything I have and be spent myself too for your sakes. If I love you more, am I to be loved less?
Complete Jewish Bible

Neither the end of the story of the Church being built up in love, nor the end of the story of the Kingdom of Jesus coming to earth from Heaven are going to be written by us. We may be in the last chapter somehow at this time, but there are others who need to be equipped to bring forth their contributions and release their revelations of what Heaven wants to impact the earth with.

No cost will be to great to invest in those who are brought to us by the Spirit to raise up into their destinies. Even the least of them will be greater than John, who baptized Jesus, who was the greatest prophet ever born (Luke 7:28).

Brace up.