Gary Goodell

Two very good books by Gary Goodell, who works with Graham Cooke:

Permission Granted – To Do Church Differently In The 21st Century

Where Would Jesus Lead – A Study In Chaordic Leadership

From the second book: “Your destiny is hidden in your daily routines.”

From me: Be awesome today so you can be even more awesome next year.

Guarding the Anointing

Some superstars have advised us regarding keeping our anointing safe from being spoiled or stolen, including how to avoid personal contact with people and other activities that insulate us from danger – being careful not to pray for some people, be perfectly obedient, never do anything with wrong motives, the list is long.

Jesus had a title – the Christ. It means “Anointed One.”

If THE Anointing rested on Him, its reasonable to think that He would be the most afraid of losing it, if its possible. His reputation seems to indicate the opposite, though. Friend of sinners. Prostitute anointing him in the home of a political traitor to the nation of Isreal. Touching unclean people frequently. Handing bread to Judas at communion meal.

The Holy Spirit presents us with anointing. He is greater than any spirit in the world. When He, in us, encounters any unclean spirit, Who is likely to overpower whom?

I suggest that only superstars will face the problem they are warning us about. Therefore, I suggest that you should avoid becoming a superstar.

Being awesome is much better.


A dictionary is a map. It charts where we have been to get to the place where we are. It doesn’t suggest how to use a word, but instead documents how a word is commonly being used.

The Bible is a Map. It is a record of how far we have seen in various directions. It documents what we found where and when we found it. It has some information about lands and times that we have not seen yet, but the details are a little hazy.

The Holy Spirit is a Compass. He is a Level. He is a Standard we can compare to for measurements.

Read the Map. Study every detail you can find in it. If you are called to maintenance work in one of the locations you find on it, follow the Compass to that location and serve with all your heart and mind and soul and strength.

If you are called to go to a location that hasn’t been recorded on the  Map yet, to build something we haven’t seen yet among people we don’t know yet, you will need to become intimate with the Compass, so that you can draw more map for those who are in the next generation who will follow you. Most of the land on the Map is desert. Some who were born in the desert are ready for their encounter with a Joshua or a Caleb to take them into the lands and times we have not measured yet.

John 14:12                       Isaiah 43:18,19

Words as Weapons

This charge, son Timothy, I put to you, in keeping with the prophecies already made about you, so that by these prophecies you may fight the good fight, armed with trust and a good conscience. (1 Timothy 1:18-19 Complete Jewish Bible)

David fought well with Goliath and Saul and the Philistines because he believed the prophecies spoken by Samuel. What the Spirit of God has spoken to you and over you and stirred you to believe is powerful to know and stand in and wait for.

Bless the words over each other’s lives that you have access to. Encourage each other to stand. When you are done standing in the battle you will stand in your inheritance.

Choosing Well

You have too many choices.

You just need to choose one thing and follow it through to the finish:

Learn to recognize the voice of your Shepherd and choose to do whatever He says. Part of the process of learning His voice is making mistakes. That fact doesn’t seem to surprise or trouble Him. It actually seems to be intentionally designed as normal.

So, don’t worry about attempting to do something He seems to be leading you to do and then discovering it wasn’t Him. Don’t worry about missing something He tried to tell you to do but you didn’t think it was Him.

Be concerned about not improving over time.

Newness is Sweet

Our carnal, earthly selves usually hate changes in our calendar, our environment, our list of responsibilities.

But, new things bring change. Yahweh’s mercy is new every day. I think that means that we don’t always recognize His mercy. It’s not just a re-wound toy that will run again for another day. It’s new.

The Roman church popularized a style of easter pageant called, “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” which was based on the last things He is quoted as having said during the events leading to His death. One of my heroes, Ralph Neighbor, wrote a book (maybe in the 70’s) titled, “The Seven Last Words of The Church.” Those words were, “We’ve Never Done it That Way Before.”

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Armsless Army

Like the scene described in 1 Samuel 13&14, many leaders of the church are unprepared to lead in the battles ahead. Some young people are going to step up and lead like young Jonathan did when he attacked the Philistine army with his armor bearer.

Yahweh then shook the earth and spread terror among the Philistines and courage among the Israeli soldiers, none of whom had weapons.

When the young Jonathans arise and lead, they will lead to victory. Even the believers who are completely unarmed and unprepared will follow the young leaders to victory. 


Wonderful Names

Judges 13:8 (HCSB)
Manoah prayed to the Lord and said, “Please Lord, let the man of God you sent come again to us and teach us what we should do for the boy who will be born.”
God listened to Manoah, and the Angel of God came again to the woman. She was sitting in the field, and her husband Manoah was not with her. The woman ran quickly to her husband and told him, “The man who came to me today has just come back!”
So Manoah got up and followed his wife. When he came to the man, he asked, “Are You the man who spoke to my wife?”
“I am,” He said.
Then Manoah asked, “When Your words come true, what will the boy’s responsibilities and mission be?”
The Angel of the Lord answered Manoah, “Your wife needs to do everything I told her. She must not eat anything that comes from the grapevine or drink wine or beer. And she must not eat anything unclean. Your wife must do everything I have commanded her.”
“Please stay here,” Manoah told Him, “and we will prepare a young goat for You.”
The Angel of the Lord said to him, “If I stay, I won’t eat your food. But if you want to prepare a burnt offering, offer it to the Lord.” For Manoah did not know He was the Angel of the Lord.
Then Manoah said to Him, “What is Your name, so that we may honor You when Your words come true?”
“Why do you ask My name,” the Angel of the Lord asked him, “since it is wonderful.”
Manoah took a young goat and a grain offering and offered them on a rock to the Lord, and He did a wonderful thing while Manoah and his wife were watching. When the flame went up from the altar to the sky, the Angel of the Lord went up in its flame. When Manoah and his wife saw this, they fell facedown on the ground. The Angel of the Lord did not appear again to Manoah and his wife. Then Manoah realized that it was the Angel of the Lord.

The Messenger of Yahweh would not give Manoah his name, because it is “wonderful.” How privileged we are to know the wonderful name that is above all names, in this life and the next! How He has shown us His love and His desire for relationship by introducing Himself to us. Even Abraham didn’t know His name.

Treasure that truth.

I am Normal

One of the biggest mistakes we may make as we interact with people is engaging them from a perspective that we are normal, but they are not.

If don’t listen to you and discern who you are and how you think before I try to share something important with you, I am likely to speak my wondrous truth in a language that you don’t speak. Examples of mismatches are: if you are female and I am male, or vice versa; if you are young, and I am old; if you are republican and I am democrat.

Other worldview differences prevent us from properly communicating. If you are under the influence of a mindset that is based on the reality of karma, which would make you believe that the forces of nature are all aligned to produce justice, and your evil behavior will always reap judgement in the form of something that looks like bad luck unless you quickly do enough good works, it will be difficult for me to leap into Campus Crusade’s Four Spiritual Laws and prove that Yahweh thinks you are a sinner at a level your good works cannot redeem, for example.

Listening to others with the intent of learning is much more difficult than listening to them with the intent of responding. We are rarely listening to learn. We are usually holding our breath when others are talking, waiting to interrupt and correct them when they inhale.

What we can learn by listening to them includes how they think, how they process new information, and what they need or want. Knowing these things can help us become blessings to them faster than impressing them with our knowledge of Yahweh’s thoughts about their spiritual condition.

Some people call this process building a relationship.

You Look Great

Don’t confuse style with fashion.

Fashion is what was popular to wear 40 years ago and is now popular again. It changes the width of ties and the length of collars and the prints and colors of skirts each year so that you stand out for wearing clothes that were new last year and makes you feel that you need to buy what just became popular for summer this year.

Style is an expression of who you are. If this was August 3, 1816, what would you be choosing to wear today? What would your hair look like? How straight is your posture? How fierce is your stance?

Style is something that should not be compromised with someone else’s identity. Invite people to know who you really are. Invite them to meet Who Jesus really is as He expresses some of His style by wearing you.