Month: August 2016

Expecting Contributions

Most of what we look for from our members of congregations or ministry teams in terms of contribution either falls into the category of money or time. Otherwise, we are usually looking only for compliance. We inform people, especially younger ones, of the rules and protocol and expect them to comply. We engineer structures and […]

The Best Way

The 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians, according to the last verse of chapter 12, is a “way” to be part of the team of people who are the servants in the Church. Chapters 12 and 14 are descriptions of some of the “what” that the Church does, and chapter 13 is a description of “how” […]

Seeing the Poor

Matthew 26:6-13 When Jesus was drawing near His sacrifice, He was anointed by a woman with an expensive perfumed ointment. His disciples complained that the value of the ointment was wasted on Jesus and should have been used to give some provision to the local poor. Jesus’ answer included the information that poor people would […]

Lively Responses

Bad situations and annoying or costly events present us with opportunities to suffer. The suffering really comes from our responses to the situations, though, not the situations themselves. When we respond to a difficulty with one of the “works of the flesh” that Paul described in Galatians 5:13-21, we are stuck holding that response, and […]

Moving out of the Desert

Jesus was driven by the Holy Spirit into the desert when He was baptized. In 40 days, a work was done in Him of preparation for His purpose. Israel was driven by the Holy Spirit into the desert when they were baptized (1 Corinthians 10). In 40 years, two of the several million original citizens […]

Some Assembly Required

Hebrews 10:23-25                                                                                                        Let us hold […]

Hades or Hell

The place called “Sheol” in Hebrew is the same place that Greek writers would call “Hades.” In English, it means “the Grave.” From one end of the Bible to the other, it is described as a place where all dead humans go to sleep until a day of judgement that is described in Revelation 20, […]

Success and Successful Change

When a ministry achieves what it defines as “success,” it arbitrarily builds a system around that success that promises to continue to feed and protect it. Find food, and fight off wolves. Repeat. If the ministry continues to exist, over time the purpose of the system of sustenance and safety becomes a hard old wine […]

Hearing the Word

  I expect there have been many times when you said something to someone and very soon were convinced that they did not really hear what you said, even though they gave the clear impression that they were listening. Faith comes by hearing. Hearing comes by the word of the Lord. The successful saints listed […]

Weakening Nations

In Isaiah 14:12, Lucifer was accused of weakening the nations. The United States of America has, by Abraham Lincoln’s description, a government of, by, and for “the people.” (Gettysburg Address, 1863) A nation that is its own authority is one of the kingdoms of this world. Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24 and 25 several things […]

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