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Becoming Yes and Amen

Paul wrote to the churches in Corinth (2 Corinthians 1:15-22): In this confidence, I planned to come to you first, so you could have a double benefit, and to go on to Macedonia with your help, then come to you again from Macedonia and be given a start by you on my journey to Judea. […]

Clean or Filthy Mammon

Many people have the idea that ministries should not accept gifts or investments from unbelievers, and that believers should not accept gifts or investments from people who got it in a foul way. One of Isaiah’s prophecies to the city of Tyre:                           […]

Who is Your Warden?

When Christ came, He proclaimed the good news of peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with the saints, and members of God’s […]

Supporting Ministries

Appeals for support of ministries are abundant around us. The range of styles stretches from attempting to make us feel guilty that we are heartless with regard to the suffering of some beneficiaries of the work of a ministry to making us fearful that we will never be blessed again by God if we don’t […]

What is Written?

When Jesus was being arrested, Matthew quoted Him (26: 55,56) as saying that He had been teaching in the temple every day without being arrested. He asked why they were coming with clubs and spears in the night to conquer Him as if He was a criminal. Then He answered His question Himself: it had […]

Praying for Figs

Unconverted human nature is much more likely than our new nature to provoke us to accusation than to intercession. Our new nature should be even more “more likely” to provoke us to intercession when we see failure than when we used to be accusers. Our behavior is not yet perfected, though… In Luke 13:6-8, Jesus […]

Evangelistic Evangelicals

Can you be an Evangelical without being an Evangelist? Can you be an Evangelist without being Evangelical? Yes. The “ev” part of both words means “good.” The next section, “angel,” means “angel.” That’s because “angel” means “messenger.” In a stretch, it really even means “message.” “Gospel” is an Old English word that is made of […]

Running out of Supplies

You may run out of grits one day. They are a temporary answer to a temporary problem. Shortbread, too. There already is no electricity in many places on the earth. Some places only have it 1/3 of the day as an improvement from having none. It could all stop one day. You should never run out […]


It seems that the difference between the definitions of “prostitute” and “mercenary” is simply what kind of work is being sold. Mercenary and merchant are words that have the same root. Our most common use of the word mercenary is related to the work of a soldier. The idea from its beginning was simply trading […]

Who’s Praying for You?

You have a ministry. It is your service to Yahweh, according to the meaning of “ministry.” “Mas” means “more” in Latin and Spanish. “Mini” means “less.” The relationship between a MINIster and a MASter is that one is little and one is big. One is less, and one is greater. The little one is the […]

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