Author: Douglas Thomas

What Your Enemies Said

  Your enemy said, “I will pursue; I will overtake; I will divide the spoil. My desire will be satisfied at their expense; I will draw my sword, my hands will destroy them.” But Yahweh blew with His breath, and the waters covered your enemies. They sank like lead in the mighty waters. Your God […]

Post Cartographic Living

One day all of us will step off the map, into the not-yet-proven; beyond warranties and insurance and money-back guarantees. We will surrender to the quest for Jesus’ smile. We will stop caring what it costs and how long it takes and how annoyingly inconvenient it is to follow Him into each other’s lives. We […]

Ready for Goliath

Every day I deal with someone and/or something that’s difficult. From small things like annoying drivers and stepping in puddles I didn’t know were that deep, to personal attacks, flat tires, or trees through the roof. My response to an event can empower it to bless me or curse me. Today’s problem may be what […]

The First Mistake

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul advised the believers to avoid making the mistakes that Israel made between the time they left Egypt under Moses’ leadership and the time they entered Canaan being led by Joshua. He said the things they experienced happened, and were written down, to admonish us, upon whom the ends of the […]

Look Carefully

Today’s life-changing or Life-giving opportunity may be cleverly hidden behind responsibility or sacrifice or something scary. Ask the Spirit where to put your foot every time you pick it up to take a step. 2 Samuel 15:13-21 13 A messenger came and told David, “The hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom.” 14 Then David said […]

Luke 10 Preaching

Luke 10:20  “… don’t rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Please read the first 24 verses of the 10th chapter of Luke. Read it with no thought about what it might be saying about the church. Meditate on every phrase to extract what it might […]

We’re Depending on You

We are depending on you. But that means something different for each one of us. I’m depending on you to help me with my work. He’s depending on you to make him feel better about himself. She needs you to pay her on time so she can pay them on time. He needs $5 to […]

Gideon Syndrome

Gideon was hiding from bands of thieves in a wine press to thrash wheat. An angel, in the typical angelic style of needing to follow up by saying, “Oh – don’t be afraid!”, terrorized him by suddenly popping into view and saying, “Hail, Valiant Warrior!” Gideon then spent a few minutes arguing with him about […]

Lot or Abraham?

Yahweh called Abram out of Ur. He didn’t call Lot. Either Abram invited him, or he invited himself. Abram became Abraham as he moved into his destiny – changed from “Exalted Father” to “Father of a Multitude” (Genesis 17:5). Lot didn’t change. Lot wanted more land so he could have more possessions. Abraham asked Lot […]

Grow Faster

In nature, created things are in both processes of life and of death. Skin is being replaced constantly. Water-based blood and other fluids are bringing nutrition to cells and washing waste out of cells. Hormones tell our bodies and they tell plants when to grow in what ways. Basil plants will grow more and more […]

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