What’s Next

Most of the people I know are more interested in their pasts than their presents or futures.

Most people who want some move of the Spirit in the land are hoping for the revival of something that died or has been lost or neglected.

I think that the people of Jesus need to be getting ready for what’s next, not what used to be. When the tide goes out on the global attempt to destroy governments and economies and families and we can see what’s left in the mud at the bottom of the bay, it will not be a reset to an earlier time. It will be what is next. It will not be what we thought would happen all by itself without us making sacrifices for and investments in the Kingdom of Heaven. We have been coasting down a pitiful slope. Jesus has been preparing a launch.

The way to be ready for what’s next is to be willing to give away or throw away or just abandon what used to be. When He does new things, He asks us ahead of the unveiling, “Will you see it? Will you know it? Will you join me in it?”

Be filled with the Spirit of the King. Be led. Lead.