The Cost of Community

Despising singularity, some people marry. Discovering the cost of relationships and community, some people divorce.

As we mature in life, there are times of being liberated from habits and deceptions and relationships that are powerful enough to change our identity. Other times are events of being brought under the power of the love of Jesus and given freedom to be obedient to His desires for our lives. Being set free from the mastery of addictions or deadly relationships to become slaves of righteousness feels like perfect liberty instead of bondage!

The cost of relationship, even with Jesus, can be astonishing, though. Becoming distracted by the smile and the love and the pleasure of Jesus in the relationship with you that He bought on the cross is more than enough to make any cost on our side of the relationship seem like a gifted opportunity.

Fill us with the joy that caused You to take up Your side of this relationship, Lord. Fill us with the love that You have for Jesus, Father. Thank You for inviting us to Life!