The Past, The Future

Some disciples of Karl Marx have been busy pulling down statues in the United States. Without regard for the various “news” celebrities’ explanations of the reasons, the instructions from Marx, which were executed in other nations as Marxists destroyed their economies, cultures and governments, was to erase the past from the minds of the young so they could be educated from a limited perspective of being under the control of the Marxists.

Knowing history helps us understand and, in some cases, predict the future. Both extremes of destroying history and living with a hope of returning to it are evidences of idolatries. The pasts that are usually longed for were glorified by grandparents’ stories to grandchildren. The pasts that must be hidden are usually evidence that the ones who want to hide them have a less free or more costly future in mind for their victims.

Paul had a completely different set of ideas and values driving him to forget the past. One day, he was stoned and left in the dirt for dead. He walked back into the city when he regained consciousness. The next day he went on to the next city, and then to another, to encourage the saints there. He refused to look back, pressing on toward the high calling that he had received in Christ.

All of the past is preparation and education. Get them both and move on. The future is hiding truths and powers and life and freedoms and relationships that we have not yet imagined. Don’t wait for it to wander into your life. Press on.