Grace and Power

Jesus is no longer in a manger or on a cross.

Until He, in your constant, conscious acknowledgment, is seated on an eternal throne, He will not have the power in your life to save you from sin, from deception, or from your enemies. Your faith needs to be attached to His both His grace and His power. These are both visible in the manger and the cross, but only in passing.

This will be written for a later generation,
and a newly created people will praise the Lord:
He looked down from His holy heights—
the Lord gazed out from heaven to earth—
to hear a prisoner’s groaning,
to set free those condemned to die,
so that they might declare
the name of the Lord in Zion
and His praise in Jerusalem,
when peoples and kingdoms are assembled
to serve the Lord.

(Psalm 102:18-22 HCSB ©®)