Don’t Fear a Crowd

Yahweh set and declared your value. Others, including you, can make declarations that differ from your Father’s, but the truth is set. False declarations don’t change the truth. They just don’t appreciate it.

Being swayed by the opinions of your audience can cost you your success – even your inheritance.

Wilt Chamberlain (basketball – NY Nicks) had a miserably low free-throw rate unless he threw the ball underhanded – “granny” style. He threw so much better underhanded that in his record setting 1962 game in which he scored 100 points himself, he made 28 out of 32 free-throws.

He was more interested in not being jeered at by the crowds than he was in scoring free-throw points, though, and therefore stopped throwing underhanded from the free-throw line.

Public opinion will be astonishingly silent on the Day you hope to hear your King say, “Well done…” Value the Voice that set your value. Ignore the rest.