Weakness and Wickedness

Wicker is a style of furniture that requires twisting green stems of plants into woven shapes that, when dry and hardened, are strong. The wick of a candle is a twisted piece of material that burns slowly because it is surrounded by the wax the candle is made of. Wicked would sound just like picked if we were not using ancient religious English when we mention it. It means “twisted.”

We have two basic problems in our spiritually dead humanity: twistedness and weakness. Even after we are born of Yahweh as brothers and sisters of Jesus, our abilities to live out straightness and strength are hindered. As Paul lamented in what we call chapter 7 of his letter to the congregations at Rome, he struggled with his behavior. What he decided never to do again was the first thing he did on days, and what he decided to start doing always never seemed to happen. Twice, in verses 17 and 20, he wrote that it was no longer him sinning, but sin living in his flesh that he was not mastering. As John wrote in 1 John 3:9, anyone who is born of God cannot sin, because God’s seed remains in him or her.

My spirit is born of Yahweh, and has His nature. My struggle is to live in that place of strength and righteousness. I have to keep deciding that His Kingdom and His righteousness are the two things I have to pursue, so that the Life He wants to pour into me can have access to my days and nights. My identity is changed. Now my behavior changes, as a result of my mind changing. (Romans 12:1-2)