Stupid on Purpose

We all do stupid things by accident. Ideas float in and out of our minds constantly. Our environments attempt to provoke us with events and pictures and words and fears, hoping we will let them master us constantly. When we wake up to that bad influence, though, and find ourselves floating downstream with bad ideas, we can get out of the boat and head back where we belong.

On days, though, we do stupid things on purpose. These are worse than the accidents. Someone cuts us off in traffic going 90 and we hope to see them arrested a bit further up the road. Someone is nasty to us on the phone and we hope they learn a lesson the hard way or get fired. Something goes wrong when we try something and we think of 3 people to blame it on. Someone asks us why something went wrong or didn’t get done and we excuse ourselves at the expense of someone else, blaming the failure on them.

The more we are intent on doing wise things and generous things and loving things on purpose, the less room there will be for stupid things – both accidental and intentional. We can walk in righteousness. A walk is a series of steps, some of which might be missteps, but most of which don’t have to be.

Be awesome! Ephesians 5:8