Month: January 2017

The Lord’s Prayer

Religious leaders have taught us to memorize the prayer Jesus used as an example of how to pray. He was responding to his followers when they got upset because John’s disciples knew how to pray but they didn’t. We were told to call that prayer the “Our Father” or the “Lord’s Prayer.” The implication is […]

Leaving Comfort, Looking For Peace

Nehemiah was quite likely comfortable in his government job in Babylon. ¬†Babylon means “gate of god.” I have been taught by Evangelical and Pentecostal theologians that Babel, and subsequently, Babylon, mean “confusion,” so I was calling this post “Leaving Confusion, Looking for Peace. While studying for the post, I discovered that Babal is the Hebrew […]

Cleaning Fish

One day, congregations will serve their members and their neighbors and their God by using the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of each member. Evangelists will be spending more time with unbelievers than with church members. When they lead someone to Jesus, they will introduce them to the people who are gifted to teach and prophesy and […]

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