Month: January 2017

Congregational Pregnancy

Every healthy congregation should probably be giving birth to other congregations. Any congregation that we plant that does not produce leadership to “give birth” – become the leaders of a new congregation – is unhealthy and probably needs to have its members distributed among a few other healthy congregations. Every congregation that has access to […]

Positivity in Your Answers

The more you say, “Yes,” the more adventures you have. Saying, “Yes, and…” is usually much more powerful and creative than saying, “Yes, but…” The more you say, “No,” the more you are at home alone. There are, of course, times when you should be home alone. They should be strategic though, not lazy or […]

Problem Finding

The more creatively you think and act, the more likely you don’t see problems as problems. In fact, if you simply respond to problems by fixing them, it points to your skills set as being more like a maintenance person than a builder. That is not a failure – we need both, but identifying your […]

Unpaid Debts

When I owe taxes, Paul believes that I should pay them. If it is proper to respect someone, he counts that also in unpaid debt terms. He implies that I should pay off all my debts but one – I always owe you love (Romans 13:8.) What is different in cultural terms today that should […]

Better Than Nike

Hupernikao (“hoop-er-nik-ah’-o”) is a Greek word. A transliteration of it might pass as “hyper-victor.” Nike, the shoe manufacturer, likes their name because it means something like “overpower,” or “win a victory over,” or “conquer.” “Hyper” can mean “above,” or “greater than” something else. “Nikodemos” means something like “victorious among his people.” In Romans 8:37, hupernikao […]

Voice Activated

In his book Hunger Driven, Brian Nickens coined or quoted the phrase “voice activated” to refer to the high response level successful citizens of the Kingdom of God exhibit by obeying the King. “Smart” phones are voice activated if you want them to be. You can get the phone’s attention by speaking a word or […]

Your Legacy

Expect that because you are going to be one of the people who will do what you have been ordained to by the King of Glory, that there will be an impact in the earth because you were alive. You will not be one of the diverted – taking up men’s yokes and being distracted […]

Be Filled!

How blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness! for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6 Complete Jewish Bible) When we are hungry for righteousness, we are seeking a condition that we can only attain by the power of the Holy Spirit’s influence in our hearts and lives. It is by being filled with […]

Bible Diet

How much are you reading your Bible? Beyond just reading, you could be studying. You could memorize, and meditating. However much you are doing, it is not enough. It’s not enough even if you have the whole book memorized. It’s insufficient because no one ever got saved by just reading the Book. No one ever […]

Alignment and Timing

If not much happened today, and if tomorrow looks at least as bleak and eventless as yesterday, it is possible that the appropriate response could be to thank God that we have a bit more time to prepare for the day of Salvation and the time of His Favor. That’s when He is going to […]

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