Month: November 2015

Repent!! part 1

Some words in the Bible speak of 3-part ideas. Baptize means to use a medium (fire, water, the Holy Spirit) as a means through which to take someone or something out of something into something else. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 10 that Israel was baptized into Moses, for example. From here to there, through […]

Don’t Miss Being With Jesus

Song of Solomon 5:2-8 Sometimes Jesus visits us when it is inconvenient. Focusing on ourselves instead of our Lord will cause us to miss the day of His visitation. Revelation 3:20 Jesus was speaking to the Church (3:14,22) not unbelievers. John saw a door opened in Heaven; the closed door is on our end of […]


There is a Hebrew word that was used for a condition that seems powerful to me. Mr. Jim Strong’s dictionary numbered it OT3559, transliterated it “kuwn” and pronounced it “koon.” I have seen it rendered “kun.” His definition is: properly, to be erect (i.e. stand perpendicular); hence (causatively) to set up, in a great variety […]

The Salvation of Yah

Yahweh is going to swallow death up forever. He is going to wipe away tears from every face! His people will receive their final rebuke in front of the rest of the earth one day. He says so. In that day, we will say, “Hey! Yahweh is our GOD! We have waited for Him, and […]

Is God For You or Against You?

Joshua encountered the Commander of the Armies of Yahweh (Joshua 5:13,14). He was standing with his sword drawn in front of Joshua one day near Jericho after Israel crossed the Jordan River into the land that had belonged to Canaan’s descendants. Joshua bravely approached the warrior and asked him if he was on Joshua’s side […]

Prophetic Work

The role of prophets changed during the Pentecost celebration recorded in Acts 2. Previously, they appeared about one per generation or so. They acted with greater authority. They got revelation that ended up being Scripture. Now, we could expect the numbers to have increased to a typical count being several per congregation. Most don’t know […]

Bless Billy’s Heart

Billy Graham gave evangelism a good name. He had wisdom to know that new believers need to be connected to some congregation quickly at the level of being a family member if they were going to continue to be related to the church. Still,  only 4 – 5% of his converts lasted more than 4 […]

Yahweh Sent the demon

In 1 Samuel 16:14-23 there is the story of a tormenting spirit that Yahweh sent to Saul after He removed His Spirit from him. Even the servants around the palace knew somehow that Yahweh had sent the demon to torture the boss. Tormenting Saul was not the point of sending the spirit, though. The point […]


Most of your body is water. If you get dehydrated, your brain doesn’t work at full force. Each cell struggles to draw nutrition in and wash spent nutrients out. Your eyes get dry. Your throat gets dry. Your head hurts. If you are working or playing hard, and don’t have enough water in your blood […]


One day recently I was whining to Yahweh. The whine du jour was related to how tired I was of fighting. I was wondering if the next level of humanity, for those born of God who would move on into the next epic thing Yahweh does after producing a Bride for Jesus, would just be […]

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