Month: November 2015

Pour Your Oil

Elisha multiplied oil – 2 Kings 4:1-7 Jesus multiplied fish – Mark 6:30-44 You don’t have to be called to leadership in ministry to be called to serious ministry – John 15:16 / 1 Corinthians 12:18 It did not take but a little bit of faith for Peter to walk on the water — Matthew […]

Dark Friday (Black Friday)

Friday is dark enough just having been named after a demon. English pagan goddess “Frige” is the source of “Fri-day” and the matching Roman demon is Venus, hence “viernes” is the Spanish name for the same day. Having all the fake deals hype on black friday to launch the sales frenzy as people started to […]

New Normal

Rational thinking is what we are told we should base all of our decisions on. Everything should line up with evidence and rational predictability. An example could be that the sun is likely to shine tomorrow, but only until evening, then it will get dark. If you see something that fits into miraculous better than […]

Easy Work

If I put $50k in a checking account in your name and gave you the checkbook, you could give anyone money until it ran out. It would not be hard to do – just decide to give someone some money, write the check, and hand it to them. Or mail it. It is just as […]

Odds & Oddities

People argue about how many adults were in the crowd Moses led out of Egypt. I hear ranges from 1 to 6 million. Trim all the fat out of the picture you like, and pretend we know there were 1,102,303. Based on that pretense, let’s create some minimal odds. Joshua and Caleb we don’t have […]

Set Like a Diamond

In John 15:16, Jesus told His disciples that He had “ordained” them to go out and bear much fruit. In 1 Corinthians 12:18, when Paul is writing about the ministries each believer brings forth by the working of the one, unifying Holy Spirit, he used the same word Jesus used in John 15:16 when he […]


Maybe it was the greeting cards industry in America that watered down what “encouragement” means. Now, it means something between “comforted” and “cheered up.” What it really means is the impartation of courage. If you are trying to bless someone who actually needs a well-fluffed pillow and a nice nap, by all means offer to […]


Heat is measurable. There are even multiple gauges to measure it with. It is energy. Cold is only measurable in terms of the absence of heat. Light is measurable. Darkness isn’t, really. Once you get down to the point of NO light, darkness doesn’t get darker. Light is measurable above and below the ranges at […]

Open Up

Walls are pretty much everywhere. You could probably go your whole life without adding any walls to the world’s collection and things would be OK. Windows are rarer. Creating a space in a wall for connecting with outsiders or communicating with strangers might leave the world in a poorer condition if it didn’t happen. Doors […]

Repent!! part 2

Paul wrote to the believers in Rome (12:1,2) that their transformation should come through having their minds changed. That is a picture of repentance – “metanoeo” – changed knowledge. Every time you respond to opportunities to do things an old, unconverted-to-Jesus way, if you do it the new, “like Jesus” way, you have proven you […]

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