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The Journey

In my dream I see the lone figure of a man following a road. As the sun sets beneath the hills, a city comes into view. Nearing it, the traveler sees what appears to be a large group of churches. Spires and crosses pierce the skyline. His pace quickens. Is this his destination? He passes […]

Open UP

Jesus said that He is a Door. He became that Door so that we could access His Father. He also became a Door to Father to give Him access to the earth. He has sent us just as He was sent (John 20:21). You are a door, also. Be lifted up, Eternal Door, and let […]

Three Governments

The three basic governments in the earth are political, man-controlled government; religious, man-controlled government; and the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God has ministers (servants) assigned to influence the governments of men and the government of His Church. God is not mocked, so men reap what they sow, including the installation of evil, power-hungry […]

God’s Will Prevails

When the earth was full of evil-intentioned leaders, Yahweh found one leader who would serve Him by ruling well and washed the rest of humanity out of the earth. Noah was given the second entire-human-race assignment of dominating the earth in the first two verses of Genesis chapter 9. When two chapters later the leader […]

Under the Elohim

In Psalm 8, the writer marvels at the position that God has put man in.. In Genesis 1:26, “God said, ‘Let us make man…’” In Psalm 8:5, David wrote of man that Yahweh had “… made him to be a little lower than…” and then used the same word that translators generally agree to translate […]

King Jesus

Our God is a King. He has always been a King. Jeremiah called Him a King over the nations and an everlasting King (Jeremiah 10:6-10). Micah prophesied that Messiah, Who was going to enter humanity as a Ruler through the tribe of Judah, had been doing things as a King from eternity (Micah 5:2). Identifying […]

Kingdom Business

I saw a news item today that was new back in August. It will take a little time if you read it, but you may find it worth it. There is video also. It is the story of a young business man in Seattle whose generosity-based work ethic seems to be sourced in his relationship […]

A New Pharaoh

Israel, whose birth name was Jacob, had 12 sons. Joseph, one of his sons, was sold into slavery by some of his brothers. His path of slavery was anointed by Yahweh and used to put him in Pharaoh’s prison so that when God spoke to Pharaoh in dreams that no one else could interpret, Joseph […]

Finish Line

The Finish Line on your most important project is out of your reach and out of your control. As you approach it, it could change distance and direction. The adventures between where you are and where it is are yet to be surprising. Or astonishing, or disappointing… The Start Line, however, is right in front […]

Good News

All of my life as a believer, I have heard things that sound like, “Well, all the signs have been fulfilled – Jesus could come back today!” I am not answering with scoffing that Peter warned about in chapter 3 of his second letter in the Book – but I am not expecting tomorrow to […]

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