Author: Douglas Thomas

A Profitable Servant

Lord, You are the meaning of my life. I am the meaning of Your death. I know You have called me From the grave of who I was And chosen me to bear Your name and story to the nations! Jesus, use me while I have a breath To shout and blow the trumpet! Jesus, […]

Real-izing Faith

I can believe that my Awesome God is capable of many wonderful deeds, but still not expect him to do any of them for me. My faith in His abilities does not necessarily mean that I hope to receive anything from Him. Faith is knowledge of a possibility. Hope is the knowledge that only time […]

Three Governments

The three basic governments in the earth are political, man-controlled government; religious, man-controlled government; and the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God has ministers (servants) assigned to influence the governments of men and the government of His Church. God is not mocked, so men reap what they sow, including the installation of evil, power-hungry […]

Holiness and Seeing God

There is much good advice in Hebrews 12, including verse 14: Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord  (NKJV). Most people who bring up the idea that we need to be “holy” have no way to talk about it but to give us rules to follow that […]


One of my heroes pointed out to me recently a sports team proverb: “What you are at practice is what you will be during a game.” If you are not working hard to be ready for opportunity, opportunity will be missed to the point of maybe not even being recognized. If you are questioning your […]


When someone asks you to help them, how do you measure the answer? Will you only serve me if I agree with you about a thousand things? Or, only if I agree with you about the important things? Will you serve my cause only if I have spent a certain amount of time serving your […]

Why the Desert?

Why is there always a desert between the place where you hear the call of Yahweh and where the promised place is? The answer depends on who you are and who you are related to. Generations rarely bless each other, and it takes two generations to launch a movement. Wilderness for the forerunner generation is […]

God’s Will Prevails

When the earth was full of evil-intentioned leaders, Yahweh found one leader who would serve Him by ruling well and washed the rest of humanity out of the earth. Noah was given the second entire-human-race assignment of dominating the earth in the first two verses of Genesis chapter 9. When two chapters later the leader […]

Under the Elohim

In Psalm 8, the writer marvels at the position that God has put man in.. In Genesis 1:26, “God said, ‘Let us make man…’” In Psalm 8:5, David wrote of man that Yahweh had “… made him to be a little lower than…” and then used the same word that translators generally agree to translate […]

King Jesus

Our God is a King. He has always been a King. Jeremiah called Him a King over the nations and an everlasting King (Jeremiah 10:6-10). Micah prophesied that Messiah, Who was going to enter humanity as a Ruler through the tribe of Judah, had been doing things as a King from eternity (Micah 5:2). Identifying […]

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