What is Written?

When Jesus was being arrested, Matthew quoted Him (26: 55,56) as saying that He had been teaching in the temple every day without being arrested. He asked why they were coming with clubs and spears in the night to conquer Him as if He was a criminal. Then He answered His question Himself: it had to be done the way it was written – Scripture must be fulfilled.

He knew what the Scriptures said about Him. That made it easier to discern timings and events and directions from the Holy Spirit, and to know the joy of the future that would empower Him to be nailed to the cross and baptized in our sin (Hebrews 12:2).

We need to know what the Scriptures and the Spirit say about us. We need to have a rope thrown into our futures that can anchor us to our purposes. We need to know something about our purposes so that we can be at peace when they are being accomplished even on the days that they seem instead to be unraveling.

If you don’t know what your current reasons are for being in the earth, the Holy Spirit knows all the answers to all the questions. He even knows what questions you should be asking. Ask Him what to ask. Believe what He tells you.

Be awesome!