Well-Equipped Saints

The silliest of people who have learned how to listen to the Spirit of God and obey Him will do greater exploits and win more and greater prizes than the greatest of the wise who are only wise in light of the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of the world may be able to split an atom, but the Spirit of God can reveal how an atom was made to a child who has learned to listen.

When the equipping we get from our Captain goes beyond simply learning to listen and obey to the level of learning to co-labor not just with the Spirit, but with the Body of Jesus, we become capable together of gaining pieces of a bigger picture and of building something larger than even all of us could do individually. We merge skills that are all parts of who Jesus is and what He does, and the result is a manifestation of Him that was not possible until we began to trust and honor each other so that we could gain the mind of Christ.

The relationships that He wants us to give our lives to will empower each of us to greater things. That’s what He wants us to do – He said so. He left to work it out. He left us to walk in it.

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