Valuable Mistakes

Ray Dalio is one of the most successful business men on the planet, if you count how much money you make as an indicator. His company has created $45 billion income since 1975. He currently has $14 billion personal net worth.


It means something like: if you just study your successes (which we like to do), you are not really preparing for the future. You are already likely to do the same good stuff again and have the same successes again.

The valuable study to perform is, instead, lengthy, in-depth study of your failures (which we hate to do). You are likely to repeat them again with little or no preparation, too!

SO, if you want to change the future of your mistake-likeliness, study the failures to find out how you got fooled. Find out why you believed the lie. Dig until you discover what looked good that turned out to be poison. Who did you believe when you shouldn’t have? What do the teeth of the rake look like, barely hidden in the leaves, just before you step on them and break your nose with the rake handle as it flies up?

Israel had an astonishing success at Jericho. Then, they had an astonishing failure at Ai. When they found out what went wrong, they should have had an unending flow of success by always acting in light of the information they received from Yahweh about their failure.

Open UP

Jesus said that He is a Door.

He became that Door so that we could access His Father. He also became a Door to Father to give Him access to the earth.

He has sent us just as He was sent (John 20:21). You are a door, also.

Be lifted up, Eternal Door, and let the King of Glory come through into your home. Be opened in the place where you work – let the King of Glory come in through you. Be opened up in the presence of your most difficult family members! Let the King of Glory invade their lives through yours.

He is the Lord – mighty in battle – Yahweh Sabaoth: the Commander of the Armies of Heaven. He wants to manifest and be known through you.

Be lifted up. Be opened up!


1 Corinthians 11 – The Lord’s Supper

How to get it wrong
°    division
°    eating your meal instead of the Lord’s
°    not honoring the body by waiting until all have arrived before eating the meal
°    despising the church
°    humiliating those who have nothing
°    eating the bread, drinking the cup in an unworthy manner
(profaning body and blood of the Lord)
°    eating and drinking without discerning the body
(eating and drinking judgement, and thereby becoming weak, ill, dead)
How to get it right
*    the bread and the cup are parts of a meal
*    proclaim the Lord’s death through the meal
*    examine yourself (by discerning the body of Jesus) before eating and drinking Him
*    judge yourself truly, so that you won’t be judged
*    come together to eat, and be certain that it is a blessing for all

discern and certain are words that are related to a Latin word for “sift”

Here is an article on Communion

A Profitable Servant

Lord, You are the meaning of my life.
I am the meaning of Your death.
I know You have called me
From the grave of who I was
And chosen me to bear
Your name and story to the nations!

Jesus, use me while I have a breath
To shout and blow the trumpet!
Jesus, use me to display Your power
To those who’d have me burned!
Jesus, use me to show those who hate me
How much love you have for them,
And let me be a sacrifice of joy!

Lord, You are a King without a start.
I love You, Lord, with all my heart.
Fill me with the faith of Daniel
And his three young friends.
Let me be a slave that brings You profit!
Let me serve You,

Jesus, use me while I have a breath
To shout and blow the trumpet!
Jesus, use me to display Your power
To those who’d have me burned!
Jesus, use me to show those who hate me
How much love you have for them,
And let me be a sacrifice of joy!

©2003 Douglas Thomas


Real-izing Faith

I can believe that my Awesome God is capable of many wonderful deeds, but still not expect him to do any of them for me. My faith in His abilities does not necessarily mean that I hope to receive anything from Him. Faith is knowledge of a possibility. Hope is the knowledge that only time or space is separating me from the realization of the possibility.

Faith is not emotional. Our souls attach emotions to our faith as we use it to respond to situations we face. Faith is spiritual, emotions are soulish. The order of authority in our beings should be that our spirit declares values and purposes and objectives, our souls make the decision to follow those directives, and control our bodies in achieving them or realizing them.

The order of authority that our beings typically display is our flesh wants something, our souls make the decision to follow the values and purposes and objectives of our bodies, and our spirit grieves over it and drives our soul to repent of the sin it committed when it achieved the fleshly goal. It has not entered into the heart (soul) of man what God has prepared for them that love Him.

Faith is spiritual. God has revealed to us by His Spirit the things that He has prepared for those of us who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:14: “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

We are called to acknowledge Him in all our ways in order to have His direction in life. That is walking by faith. It is not just having faith, but adding hope to it and walking by it.

I believe that Jesus died to pay for sins. When I take the next step and believe that He died for my sins, I have added hope to my faith and I am therefore walking by faith.

Three Governments

The three basic governments in the earth are political, man-controlled government; religious, man-controlled government; and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of God has ministers (servants) assigned to influence the governments of men and the government of His Church. God is not mocked, so men reap what they sow, including the installation of evil, power-hungry political and religious leaders. No one gets authority without being approved by the One Who really has been given ALL authority in Heaven and in earth. He allows us to sow and reap evil, though He first, despises it, and second, will put an end to it at a point in time in the future. Go discover who was the ruler over the Roman government of men when Paul wrote by revelation that the ruler had been placed in that position by the real King (start in Romans 13).

No solution to a human problem will enter the earth through the religious government or the man-made alternative government unless the Kingdom of Heaven has a minister in place to create it in one of those realms. Harvest will come, but no solutions to problems. They sow wind, and reap a whirlwind.

Some unbelievers, surrendered temporarily to the will of the King, will be a part of the creation of righteous harvest, even more so Believers installed in their places of authority in business and government and cetera. Some Believers will be powerful leaders of the Church to new levels of effectiveness in making the Savior known in the earth – those who are surrendered to the King.

Those merely religious leaders, who have man-made authority in the realm of the Church, or in false religions, all intent on gathering more power and more wealth, have no good thing to add to a harvest of goodness in the earth or in Heaven.

We only find the power of God to effect change in the earth by submitting to His authority as a King.

Holiness and Seeing God

There is much good advice in Hebrews 12, including verse 14:
Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord  (NKJV).

Most people who bring up the idea that we need to be “holy” have no way to talk about it but to give us rules to follow that they would have us believe will make us holy if we can live by them. That distortion of the idea reverses cause and effect between being holy and being well behaved. Good behavior is actually a result of being properly holy.

Relative words are “holy,” which means “set apart,” “sanctified,” which is a transliterated foreign word meaning “made holy,” “saints,” meaning “holy people,” and “unto.”

“Unto” is related because just being “set apart” is an incomplete idea without the detail of what, or whom, the holy thing or person has been set apart to. Yahweh instructed Aaron and his sons to write, “HOLY TO YAHWEH” on a plate of gold and fasten it to the front of their turbans (Exodus 28:35). That complete phrase meant, “MINE.”

Temple prostitutes were called holy people, because they had been set apart for ritual sex.

A good checkup is to frequently examine areas of our lives and properties and valuables, to test them regarding what they are set apart to. The question we need to always answer well is not “How holy are we?” but “To what are we holy?”


One of my heroes pointed out to me recently a sports team proverb:

“What you are at practice is what you will be during a game.”

If you are not working hard to be ready for opportunity, opportunity will be missed to the point of maybe not even being recognized.

If you are questioning your effectiveness in ministry, or your strength of character, or if the way you are viewed in Heaven might be less than flattering, spend more time in preparation – practice harder.

John Wesley perceived grace to be the power of God to change and empower believers to powerful, culture-impacting lives. He believed that there are means of grace – activities that can make us more available to the work of grace in our lives. Study and memorization of Scripture, prayer, fasting, relationships in which no secrets of sin or weakness are hidden, and other acts of faith could bring us into greater positions of being influenced and formed by God’s grace. Some people today call these “spiritual disciplines.”

It is God Who works in us both to will and to do what pleases Him (Philippians 2:12,13). It is the burdens He picks for us that are easily moved by the yokes He fits to our necks.

If you are struggling with the yoke, ask for more burden. The more you are moved by what breaks His heart, the more empowered you are to be yoked with the power to change it and bless Him.


When someone asks you to help them, how do you measure the answer?

Will you only serve me if I agree with you about a thousand things? Or, only if I agree with you about the important things? Will you serve my cause only if I have spent a certain amount of time serving your cause?

Jesus serves people with whom He disagrees.

We should consider doing that too on days.