Month: January 2016

Why the Desert?

Why is there always a desert between the place where you hear the call of Yahweh and where the promised place is? The answer depends on who you are and who you are related to. Generations rarely bless each other, and it takes two generations to launch a movement. Wilderness for the forerunner generation is […]

God’s Will Prevails

When the earth was full of evil-intentioned leaders, Yahweh found one leader who would serve Him by ruling well and washed the rest of humanity out of the earth. Noah was given the second entire-human-race assignment of dominating the earth in the first two verses of Genesis chapter 9. When two chapters later the leader […]

Under the Elohim

In Psalm 8, the writer marvels at the position that God has put man in.. In Genesis 1:26, “God said, ‘Let us make man…’” In Psalm 8:5, David wrote of man that Yahweh had “… made him to be a little lower than…” and then used the same word that translators generally agree to translate […]

King Jesus

Our God is a King. He has always been a King. Jeremiah called Him a King over the nations and an everlasting King (Jeremiah 10:6-10). Micah prophesied that Messiah, Who was going to enter humanity as a Ruler through the tribe of Judah, had been doing things as a King from eternity (Micah 5:2). Identifying […]

The Building

Each member of the Church has a calling, each has been given grace, and as each part does its share, the body grows – the Church is built, because love holds us together and accomplishes the miracle. Every believer has an important part to perform in the building process. Each believer must listen to the […]

The Foundation

The foundation of the Church of Jesus is Jesus. He is the Cornerstone of the entire building. A cornerstone in a building is either decorative, listing the builders or owners or designers or financial benefactors who created the building, or is operative, defining the three dimensions of depth, width and height as a cube. Any […]

Kingdom Business

I saw a news item today that was new back in August. It will take a little time if you read it, but you may find it worth it. There is video also. It is the story of a young business man in Seattle whose generosity-based work ethic seems to be sourced in his relationship […]

A New Pharaoh

Israel, whose birth name was Jacob, had 12 sons. Joseph, one of his sons, was sold into slavery by some of his brothers. His path of slavery was anointed by Yahweh and used to put him in Pharaoh’s prison so that when God spoke to Pharaoh in dreams that no one else could interpret, Joseph […]

Anticipate Success

Yahweh did not pick you because your credentials implied that you were the best choice for the position He had open. He rewards obedience, so being cooperative may improve your status in Heaven, but He has picked people who were directly opposed to what He was doing in the earth. Cyrus, king of Persia, was […]

Acts 15

Paul was followed through most of his church-planting ministry by the people he made mad when he emptied their synagogue to create a congregation. They demanded that Jews remain Kosher and God fearing Gentiles become Kosher. “No one can please Yahweh without obeying the Torah,” they instructed. “It’s OK that you God fearers have become […]

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