Repent!! part 1

Some words in the Bible speak of 3-part ideas. Baptize means to use a medium (fire, water, the Holy Spirit) as a means through which to take someone or something out of something into something else. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 10 that Israel was baptized into Moses, for example. From here to there, through that.

Sanctify means “set apart.” “Set apart to Yahweh” means something good. “Set apart as a temple prostitute” means something bad. Being set apart is being made holy to that. You were this, now you have been set apart to that.

Repent is a word that means you thought one way, then something happened, and now you think a different way. It comes from two Greek words that together mean changed knowledge (meta-noeo). Oddly, it doesn’t mean changed behavior. That error is classically presented as truth by all the major evangelical publishing houses, though. 180 degree change in your behavior.

John told some people (Luke 3:8) that they needed to bear fruit that proved they had repented. Clearly, that means that he did not equate repentance with changed behavior, but demanded that it was a change of mind that should produce changed behavior.

Don’t Miss Being With Jesus

Song of Solomon 5:2-8
Sometimes Jesus visits us when it is inconvenient.
Focusing on ourselves instead of our Lord will cause us to miss the day of His visitation.

Revelation 3:20

Jesus was speaking to the Church (3:14,22) not unbelievers.
John saw a door opened in Heaven; the closed door is on our end of the ladder.

Matthew 25:31-46
Jesus congratulated the sheep and condemned the goats regarding how they received and served Him.
The sheep and the goats both had the same response to His judgements:
“When did we see You?”

1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Paul chastised the Corinthian congregation for eating their own meal instead of the Lord’s. He warned them that if they continued to eat the meal in an unworthy manner (without discerning the Lord’s Body) that they would continue to get sick and die from it.

Paul is the man to whom Jesus said regarding his persecution of the Church,  “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” Paul understands that the Lord considers the Church to be Himself in some mystery. As Saul attacked the Church, he was attacking Jesus. As the Corinthians rejected and cursed each other, they were rejecting and cursing Jesus. What killed them was eating His body after cursing it.

He wants us to discern Him in each other when we gather, whether it is at Taco Bell, K-mart, or some meeting of the Church.

Stop and think about the Believers you know that you feel would be least likely to have any ministry to offer you. If Jesus, Who is being formed in each Believer as allowed, were to try to reveal Himself to you through them, could He? Could you discern Him?


There is a Hebrew word that was used for a condition that seems powerful to me. Mr. Jim Strong’s dictionary numbered it OT3559, transliterated it “kuwn” and pronounced it “koon.” I have seen it rendered “kun.”

His definition is: properly, to be erect (i.e. stand perpendicular); hence (causatively) to set up, in a great variety of applications, whether literal (establish, fix, prepare, apply), or figurative (appoint, render sure, proper or prosperous).

In Proverbs 16, it is translated:

v3 / Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

v9 / A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

v12 / It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.

In Micah 4:1 : But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.

In 2 Chronicles 29:35-36 : 35 And also the burnt offerings were in abundance, with the fat of the peace offerings, and the drink offerings for every burnt offering. So the service of the house of the Lord was set in order. 36 And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly.

Frequently KUWN is describing a situation that Yahweh has caused to be real in the spirit and then it is realized in the earth. He has built it and established it and then it manifests so that we can see and experience it.

The Kingdom of Heaven is being established. Be blessed with eyes to see it and ears to hear it and a heart that values and therefore enters into it.

Be established with it.

The Salvation of Yah

Yahweh is going to swallow death up forever.
He is going to wipe away tears from every face!

His people will receive their final rebuke 
in front of the rest of the earth one day. 
He says so.

In that day, we will say,

"Hey! Yahweh is our GOD!
We have waited for Him, 
and He is saving us!

This is Yahweh:
We waited for Him, 
and now we get to rejoice 
because of His Salvation!"

Isaiah 25

Is God For You or Against You?

Joshua encountered the Commander of the Armies of Yahweh (Joshua 5:13,14). He was standing with his sword drawn in front of Joshua one day near Jericho after Israel crossed the Jordan River into the land that had belonged to Canaan’s descendants.

Joshua bravely approached the warrior and asked him if he was on Joshua’s side or his enemies’ side. He responded, “No…”

Yahweh then told Joshua that though He was not on Joshua’s side, He had given Joshua victory over the city of Jericho. He gave Joshua instructions on how to step into that victory by agreeing with Him and obeying Him as His Armies fought the war with Jericho.

God is not on our side. We don’t really have a side. We need to be on God’s side. As He leads us, step by step, into being conformed to His character and values and ways, we take up His side. We learn the mission statement and purpose of the Family Business, which is bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth.

Prophetic Work

The role of prophets changed during the Pentecost celebration recorded in Acts 2. Previously, they appeared about one per generation or so. They acted with greater authority. They got revelation that ended up being Scripture.

Now, we could expect the numbers to have increased to a typical count being several per congregation. Most don’t know they are prophets, many because they are being misled to believe that there are not prophets around these days.

New testament jobs are not taught in a manual. Some gifts are so unexplained in the Bible that there is not even a person named who did a certain ministry. That is so you will have to ask the Spirit.

Three works prophets do now are – announcing the future (Acts11:28), commanding something to happen (Acts 3:6), and interpreting current events based on something God says, either in written Scripture or by revelation (Acts 15:12-17; Acts 27:21-26).

It is funny that most “Bible prophecy conferences” are hosted by teachers, who teach that there are no prophets in the church today. Further, they are attempting to do prophetic work, interpreting events and announcing the future, with the Spiritual gift of teacher instead of the proper gift, which is prophet.

If you want to know what is gonna happen, or to understand what is happening, pray for some prophets to rise up and grow in the process of learning how to announce and interpret accurately, and how to command with authority.

Bless Billy’s Heart

Billy Graham gave evangelism a good name. He had wisdom to know that new believers need to be connected to some congregation quickly at the level of being a family member if they were going to continue to be related to the church.

Still,  only 4 – 5% of his converts lasted more than 4 years in a congregation without separating from the church. Most congregations don’t value new, messy believers, so they don’t hold on to them and grow them up.

Billy taught in his sermons that Jesus said, “Ye must be born again!”

What Billy interpreted that to mean was, “If you want to go to heaven when you die, you have to be born again.” That’s not what Jesus said to Nicodemus, though.

He told him, “I tell you that unless a person is born again from above, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (CJB John 3:3)

If you have not been born of God, you cannot SEE the Kingdom. It is all around you, but you have to be born from above or you can’t discern its presence and involvement and accomplishments.

Paul wrote to the congregations at Corinth, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”  (NKJV 1 Cor 2:14-15)

Yahweh Sent the demon

In 1 Samuel 16:14-23 there is the story of a tormenting spirit that Yahweh sent to Saul after He removed His Spirit from him. Even the servants around the palace knew somehow that Yahweh had sent the demon to torture the boss.

Tormenting Saul was not the point of sending the spirit, though. The point was giving David the throne. You can’t see either of those truths at the beginning of the story. That is important to notice with the advantage we have of knowing the end of the story.

The first impact Yahweh made with the missionary demon was drawing David into the palace. He was called in to play anointed music that drove the demon out of the palace. But Yahweh sent the demon, so it always came back.

Eventually, the demon drove David out of the palace, by influencing Saul to try to kill him. It accused him of evil. It drew on the resources of the throne to chase David with the hope of cutting him off from his destiny. It forced him to form an army. It forced him to serve other thrones. Finally, it caused Saul’s death.

David could not prevail against Saul because of the demon. He could not prevail permanently against the demon for two reasons: If he really overcame the demon, he would have to harm Saul, because of Saul’s alignment with the spirit. Second, Yahweh sent the demon.

David was destined by the call of Yahweh. He was strengthened by the fight with Saul to hate Saul’s ways enough to refuse to walk in them.

He did not quit expecting to sit on the throne, therefore, he did not fail.


Most of your body is water.

If you get dehydrated, your brain doesn’t work at full force. Each cell struggles to draw nutrition in and wash spent nutrients out. Your eyes get dry. Your throat gets dry. Your head hurts.

If you are working or playing hard, and don’t have enough water in your blood to turn into sweat, you can overheat. When you do sweat while dehydrated, you get more dehydrated.

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Sometimes you are so dehydrated that your stomach is asking for water, not just your mouth and throat. It feels like hunger.

The time to do something about dehydration is before it happens. Drinking water before you are thirsty is called hydration. Just like breathing deeply before you run up stairs so that you are not out of breath when you get to the top.

Your spirit needs breath from Yahweh’s Spirit. You need it ahead of time all the time. You need to have a mind set on peace before you need peace. You need to have a mind filled with how awesome your God is before you hear how bad your circumstances just became.

You need to drink from the fountain of Living Water before you get thirsty. Read something or listen to something or someone that speaks of faith or agape or joy before you need those to be in your spirit for a quick response to a bad situation.

On purpose, ahead of time, make habits of pouring truth about Who your God is, and about who He says you are into your mind. Take responsibility for making Spiritual hydration available to yourself.

Drink often. Drink deeply.

Offer a drink of Life to your neighbor at every opportunity.


One day recently I was whining to Yahweh. The whine du jour was related to how tired I was of fighting. I was wondering if the next level of humanity, for those born of God who would move on into the next epic thing Yahweh does after producing a Bride for Jesus, would just be more fighting. I was walking across a parking lot while “praying.” Before I got to the other side, I got a text. From a dear and trusted friend. It said, simply, “You were born to fight.”

There you go. I remembered that He called Himself Yahweh Sabaoth – Commander of Armies – over 200 times in the Book. He called Himself Yahweh-other things (like Jireh) maybe 30 times altogether. OK. We are here to war.

The greater the battle you are going to enter, the greater the power of unity will be against you. The greater the battle, the more unity you will need with you in order to prevail.

Unity = Power. It is not good or evil. Good can exact as much power with it as evil can.

If you are going to cast a demon out of someone who doesn’t want to be possessed, you and a friend have the demon cornered. Agree with the Spirit of God in you and you have the demon outnumbered. Your authority in the earth as a son or daughter of Adam is greater than any demon, actually. Two can just do it easier.

If you are going to deal with a witch, the power of unity is at work against you. A human agreeing with a demon. When several witches and several demons have  gathered to assault you or your city, you should gather some unity before confronting it unless Yahweh has given you some special assignment that you don’t need the rest of the Body for. (Unlikely…)

If you are planning to confront a principality, or world power, or a territorial spirit, you need lots of unity. The prince that is ruling is in a position to rule because the humans in the area are giving him power by unifying in lending him their authority. Examples are Sedona, Las Vegas, DC, San Francisco, New York City. The agreement among the people that is in agreement with the ruling spirit’s nature is empowering the spirit to rule, and creates an area where the spirit’s brand of evil is accepted or exalted.

As darkness increases, light will increase more, if I am reading Isaiah 60 correctly. Some of the greatness of our light will only be found in unity. Some of the works we are called to are only possible when we learn to discern the presence of Jesus in each other and agree with Him and His ways.

1 Corinthians 12:31 says that chapter 13 is the way the unity Paul wrote about in chapters 10 – 12 & 14 is possible. Be washed away in that deep water.