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Unpaid Debts

When I owe taxes, Paul believes that I should pay them. If it is proper to respect someone, he counts that also in unpaid debt terms. He implies that I should pay off all my debts but one – I always owe you love (Romans 13:8.) What is different in cultural terms today that should […]

Better Than Nike

Hupernikao (“hoop-er-nik-ah’-o”) is a Greek word. A transliteration of it might pass as “hyper-victor.” Nike, the shoe manufacturer, likes their name because it means something like “overpower,” or “win a victory over,” or “conquer.” “Hyper” can mean “above,” or “greater than” something else. “Nikodemos” means something like “victorious among his people.” In Romans 8:37, hupernikao […]

Your Legacy

Expect that because you are going to be one of the people who will do what you have been ordained to by the King of Glory, that there will be an impact in the earth because you were alive. You will not be one of the diverted – taking up men’s yokes and being distracted […]

Leaving Comfort, Looking For Peace

Nehemiah was quite likely comfortable in his government job in Babylon.  Babylon means “gate of god.” I have been taught by Evangelical and Pentecostal theologians that Babel, and subsequently, Babylon, mean “confusion,” so I was calling this post “Leaving Confusion, Looking for Peace. While studying for the post, I discovered that Babal is the Hebrew […]

Unholy Roman Empire

WRONG RULERS     Every time the leaders of the church have come to believe that they need to rule over the rest of the world, what was birthed was something evil. WRONG RULERS     Every time members of the church have come to believe that they should abstain from becoming leaders in government […]

Joy In Forgiveness

Suppose you were authorized to travel through the nation forgiving debts. Jubilee style. Imagine if the American federal government had given indebted people the trillion dollars a few years ago, empowering them to pay off their debts,  instead of to the corporations who were being rewarded for poor business decisions. When someone sins against you, […]

Silver & Gold

There is a legend (maybe true) about two cardinals of the Roman church who were observing some work being done on a new building – a basilica. One commented to the other, “No longer do we have to say, ‘Silver and gold have I none!’” The other cardinal responded, “True. Nor can we continue to […]

New Tech

I have just become eligible for a new telephone from Verizon. If I bite the bait and get a new phone, I will shop for the phone that does what I like done. My phone is really a pocket computer that happens to also work as a telephone… I will then complain silently for a […]

Who Writes Your Rules?

Yahweh told Israel not to eat pork. He also told them not to worship or pray to idols. He didn’t mention eating food that had been offered to idols. In Acts 15, Luke recorded some of the discussion and the resulting letter that the Jewish leaders of the Church wrote to Gentiles who were becoming […]

Ecumenism & Catholicism, or Unity

When Constantine gathered people he perceived to be the leaders of Christianity together in Nicaea in the year 325, part of what he caused to occur was an entitlement of “ecumene” over the church. This description means literally “the whole inhabited world.” It is as much a mistake as calling the church of Rome “catholic,” […]

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