Asking What the Better Questions Are

A friend recently got fired for not accepting an injection of the Marxists’ mysterious drug. The same day, he was employed by another business that has offered him a much better job in an environment that has him excited.

We cannot focus on the losses of yesterday and be properly prepared for today or tomorrow. If we keep the victories of the past in mind, those will help. Being focused on who Jesus seems to be between the cross and the throne will not help us decide how to walk in the Kingdom.

The biggest concern on the mind of the women who went early to prepare the body of Jesus for burial was how they would get the stone rolled aside so they could get to the body. He had already announced His resurrection. They would have better spent their thoughts with questions about what His body would be like when it included them.

What are the questions we need to forget about answers to, and what are the questions we are not asking yet? Ask Him what to ask. He wants to stir you and then satisfy you and then apply you to the tasks of today and tomorrow.