Clergy and Laity

“Brother Yun,” called by many the “Heavenly Man” because of Chinese Communist Party’s inability to silence or kill him, was imprisoned and tortured for his faith and his leadership of believers in China. Three quotes from him:

“One of the most poisonous influences on many of God’s people today is that they are not allowed to actively participate in the body of Christ. Millions of sheep are told to sit in pews each Sunday and listen to speeches made by professional clergy.”

“Perhaps the most dangerous dynamic in churches today is the division between the clergy and the laity. This can lead to two separate classes among God’s people – something that grieves the heart of the Father. This results in the current proliferation of weak, spoon-fed believers who rarely lead anyone to faith in Christ.”

“Christians have stopped having true faith in Jesus and have to rely on their pastors and priests. Unless the Western church returns to its roots (ekklesia), it will continue its downward slide to irrelevance and oblivion.”

His autobiography: The Heavenly Man
Some teaching by Brother Yun: Living Water

How is it then, brothers? Whenever you come together, each one has a psalm, a teaching, a revelation, another language, or an interpretation. All things must be done for edification.
(1 Corinthians 14:26 HCSB ©®)