Isaiah 26

ISA 26

Our city is strong because of God
Our city is strong because our God
Has raised Salvation up as a wall
With a Gate named Jesus
(first ending of chorus:)
He will throw evil principalities
Lower than the poverty they’ve caused –
The poor will trample on their heads
God’s Kingdom will enter through our gates

Our souls have desired Your name, Lord
Our spirits will seek you early
When Your judgments are in the earth,
The world will learn what’s right

Only You will make our peace, Oh Lord
It’s You that works good in our hearts
Our dominion and life increase in You
You destroy false rulers’ power

The dead shall awaken, rise and sing
They shall rule over earthy things
Your people will dwell in Your secret place
Our shame will be lost in our past

(second ending of chorus:)
You will keep us in Your perfect peace
When our minds are stuck in love on You.
We will trust in Yahweh God
For Your strength is always sure and true.

©2007 Douglas Thomas