Honored by Yahweh

If we are accused of evil behavior or intent, we have choices regarding our defense. We can argue our innocence, attempting to convince those who have heard or made the accusations that we are not guilty. Maybe we are guilty, and we can argue our reasons for the actions, hoping to be excused.

We could take the battle onto the soil of the accuser – bring up something they have done or failed in that is worse than our failure. This might help us feel lifted up at bit. At least we are not as bad as they are…

The most important Judge is not one of our peers, though. He is our Redeemer. One day, He will sit as Judge over every human, and the weight of the awe of the scene will fill heaven and earth with terror (Revelation 20:11-12). Who can stand, when He appears? (Nahum 1:2-7)

That is the judgement that matters. Some issues in the earth are not important enough to answer, even though they may cost fortunes or lives or reputations. False or true, some accusations do not present circumstances in which winning the argument awards a prize. Job’s friends becoming convinced that Job was not being judged by Yahweh was not much of a prize to Job. Continuing to bow humbly before Yahweh and seek His opinion of Job’s life put Job in a position in which he was honored by his God.

Because he is lovingly devoted to Me,
I will deliver him;
I will exalt him because he knows My name.
When he calls out to Me, I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble.
I will rescue him and give him honor.
I will satisfy him with a long life
and show him My salvation.

(Psalm 91:14-16 Holman Christian Standard Bible ©®)