Month: July 2017

What the Earth Wants

The earth is a planet. The world is the systems of people living on it. The earth is waiting for something to happen in the spirit – for the revelation of the sons and daughters of God. The bar & bat mitzvah of the ages… The Spirit himself bears witness with our own spirits that […]

Pharaoh’s Prison

When Joseph was imprisoned for not submitting to Potiphar’s adulterous wife, he was put in Pharaoh’s prison, not the county jail. Being in that prison, he was in proximity to the throne on which Yahweh was preparing him to rule. Since there was a purpose in being in that place that aligned with his destiny […]

Eklegomai – Chosen

“You didn’t choose Me, but I chose you…” This word was use 22 times by New Testament writers. Each time, it is translated something like “choose” into English. Strong’s Dictionary calls it NT1586, and says that it is a compound word that is built from “Ek” (Strong’s NT1537) which means something like “out of” most […]

Tithemi – Ordained

As the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you. Remain in My love. If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love. I have spoken these things to you so that My joy may be in you and […]

Giftless Ministries

Life is complicated. Life in the Spirit is more complicated than carnal life in the world. Our God wants awesome things happening in and through our lives. Even when we refuse to do things the way He has made it clear they should happen, He works with us to cause His will to happen to […]

Genuine Ministry

How can you tell if a ministry is really something God is doing in the earth or in the Body? People are accused of false works all the time. There are ways to pretend you have healed someone. Giving “prophetic words” based on a counterpart’s interviews of people before the meeting happens sometimes. People planted […]

Maturity, Responsibility, Authority

I have become deeply convinced that the level of our maturity should not be measured by how large our following is, or how deep our revelation is, or how powerful our miracles are. I believe that the only reliable measure of maturity is the responses we have to situations. The quicker we are to respond with […]

Humble Empowerment

Some of us may be surprised that we take what our King has invested in us (talents & minas) to Heaven with us without having invested it in anything ourselves. Paul, to the congregations in Philippi, wrote in what we call chapter 2 of his letter that they should have the mindset Jesus had. He was humble. […]

Working Together

Paul wrote a letter to the congregations in Ephesus that became part of the Holy Book. In what we now call chapter 4 of it, he informed the Ephesians that the power that builds the Church up to maturity is love, and the process for love building the Church up is that every part of […]


Someone has said well that we are CHRISTians, not BIBLians. We should be more founded in Him than in His Book, as valuable as it is. He is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. The Church proved that we can be powerful Christians with or without a printed New Testament. For a few […]

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