Month: April 2016

Good News

Gospel is a weird Old English word that is made from the two words “God” and “spell” smeared together. Some would argue that it was “good” and “spell” instead. The word that it is translating from Greek is related to the word “angel,” which means “messenger,” or “message.” A good message was an “euangellion,” or […]

Being Different

While you are learning how to be the eye or toe or heart that you are called to be in the Body of Jesus, it is good to be encouraged on days by other eyes or toes or hearts. It is awesome to find comfort from an eye who has already been poked by a […]

Typical Faith

Types and anti-types are a way of making promises or introducing ideas. First, there is a description, which could be reinforced by a photograph. Then, a color photo. Then, we get a skit or Super-8 movie that gives the characters in the photos motion and a sense of action. It’s not real, though, until you […]

Church Growth

If you ask an Evangelist “What produces Church Growth?”, the answer you get will likely sound like, “Leading people to saving faith in Jesus.” If you ask a Teacher “What produces Church Growth?”, the answer you get will likely sound like, “Teaching believers how to rightly divide the Word of God and live by it’s […]


Jesus instructed His disciples one day to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness before seeking provision and supplies, so that they would receive provision and supplies. They were directed toward His authority and His nature as a means of accessing His blessings. He told them that His commandments to love God with all they had […]

A Seeing Date

Today I decided to stop counting my days as if one more day of my life was wasted on something other than my calling. Instead, I will count the day as having moved me one day closer to the door to my work.  An heir, as long as he is a child, is no different than […]

Super Vision Advisory

Scary toys usually have a disclaimer printed on the packaging: “Adult Supervision Required.” Another one made famous when TV was young was, “Kids, don’t try this at home! We’re trained professionals. You could get hurt!” Those warnings were probably imposed by a board member’s lawyer, not his mom. The concern was likely for the company’s […]

The Sword of the Spirit

When Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesian congregations that ended up in the Bible, his last instructions before the greetings at the end of the letter were about being clothed in Christ as armor. He told them to use His righteousness and His truth and His faith and His peace as their protection. They […]

Legal or Lawless

The practice of creating a code of laws that must be followed to avoid hell and God’s displeasure is a religion called Legalism. The practice of casting off all restraint and refusing to submit to any form or regulation over your behavior is a religion called Lawlessness. The practice of being led by the Spirit […]


As Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees (John 5:37-40), the Book as they knew it was revelation of a Ruler. They had reduced it to a book of rules. Paul did not recommend using the Old Testament as a rule book instructing us about how to please God. In his letter to the Galatian congregations, […]

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