Month: March 2016


When someone forwards an email to me that contains astonishing information that doesn’t seem possible, I search for the title on a site like to get an opinion about its validity. If it is a hoax, I copy the URL of the page where I found the debunk and reply to the person with […]

What’s New?

David was a man of vision and purpose. He wanted to build a temple for Yahweh, but his God didn’t want him to do it, so he made the design and gathered the materials and handed it all to Solomon. Solomon took the assignment, but after he completed the project, he had no personal purpose […]

Come To God

From Psalm 66                  The Music is HERE Shout to God with joy, all the earth! Sing His name – the name of Jesus! Sing glorious praises to God, all the earth – Lift up the name of Jesus! Your works are awesome, Your power is great Your enemies fear You! All the earth will worship […]

Ghost Stories

Almost all kids love a good ghost story. They love hearing them and then telling them. We need to get better at telling them the best ones we can come up with. Of course, our favorite ghost is not Casper. Our favorite is Holy Ghost! You should have some good stories to share with younger […]

How Interesting

Some people hear you share a story from your life that you think is interesting, and share a similar story, because they want to connect with you – to find something that you have in common. If you show that you value their story, they share more at other times. Your relationship can grow. Other […]


Being humble creates many opportunities and opens many doors. It is possible to confuse fear, lack of faith, low self-esteem, and unforgiveness with humility, though. When I am afraid to commit to a project or idea or group because I fear being wrong or fear failing, I can use being humble as an excuse for […]


I was reminded recently while talking with an intercessor that what motivates us to pray is sometimes more important than what we are praying. When I first met Faye she was working in a daycare. When she became a believer, she started leading kids to become believers. I had been involved in several varieties of […]


I just read a story about one man’s attempt at building relationships that was a sad indictment of how shallow much of our experiences with community are. He was planning a party. He thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know his Facebook “friends” better and even give them a chance to connect […]

Preaching the Kingdom

What difference does talking about the Kingdom make in ministry? The Gospel of Salvation does not produce servants The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached everywhere before the end (Jesus: Matthew 24:14) The Gospel of Salvation is related to reconciliation The Gospel of the Kingdom is related to authority If 80% of the teaching […]

David’s Preparation

David’s God used enemies the size of his destiny to prepare him for it. David was chosen and anointed for his destiny long before he entered into it 1 Samuel 16:1-13 There was no change in David’s status or duty until God started moving in other people’s lives. 1 Samuel 16:14-23 David’s elders were jealous […]

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