Month: December 2015

Just in Case you Stay Alive

I am always impressed by evil masterminds who want to take over the world in books and movies when they plot and plant and wait and develop and in 40 years have created the machine and evil manpower to (they hope) make their plan work. The patience, the foresight, the design, the recruitment, all of […]


Unity is raw power. It doesn’t resist being used for good or for evil. Electricity isn’t particular about how you use it either. Unity empowers people who are like each other with greater strength than they have individually. Unity that includes agreement with an unclean spirit gives that spirit power. Then, the spirit can draw […]


I just buried the body of the fiercest dog yet born. My favorite dog ever. Kinda sad. […]


Yin and Yang are structures ancient Chinese philosophy offered to explain or identify balance. Yin is dark and passive. Yang is bright and aggressive. Yin is female,  Yang is male. Generally, they are presented as balancing or completing each other, not competing. Represented as a circle with a white drop opposing a black drop, there […]

Pray in the Spirit

In chapter 6 of his letter to the believers in Ephesus, Paul commended them to make war properly with their enemies, by first knowing who the enemies were, and then knowing how to arm themselves with the mighty power of God Himself. You know the armor parts – helmet, shield, breastplate & the rest. Verse […]

The Target

Brace up for the shortest word ever out of Douglas Thomas  (Mr Amplified Version of everything ). Wherever you are having the most trouble in your life – the most discouragement, the greatest fear or worst disappointment, Yahweh is at work. There, He wants to heal you or free you or change you or empower […]

Being Fruit Full

It is a very valuable blessing to see things that you say or do bear fruit in others’ lives. As you bear the fruit of the Spirit to anoint your work, people flourish at times because they were with Him in you. There are other times though, when, because you have been bearing fruit well, […]

Making Good Decisions

Learning to make good decisions happens in a process that includes learning to discern the direction and instruction of the Spirit of God (including what He speaks through other believers), learning to reject the noise your flesh never stops making, learning to reject the deception that unclean spirits never stop attempting (including what they speak […]

Good Judgement

The references here are chapter and verse from the revelation of Jesus that John experienced: One day, Jesus will sit on a throne for judgement of humanity. The awe of His might and glory as He sits for the first time as a Judge will be so terror inspiring that heaven and earth will try […]

Knowing Religion

Religion is a product of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In order to practice religion properly, you have to know the rules. What is right and wrong – good and evil. The arguments religious people get into are always about information, including the rules. Religion is a foundational […]

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