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One is Too Big

  I had a short discussion recently with one of Joseph Smith’s tribe (a Mormon) about “the Trinity.” He has been taught that Adam created the world we live in. Jesus is his Son. The Holy Spirit is not a person, but more like a breath. A mysterious influence, like the Christmas spirit. Other gods […]

Ecumenism & Catholicism, or Unity

When Constantine gathered people he perceived to be the leaders of Christianity together in Nicaea in the year 325, part of what he caused to occur was an entitlement of “ecumene” over the church. This description means literally “the whole inhabited world.” It is as much a mistake as calling the church of Rome “catholic,” […]

Baptized to Death

Being baptized is a three part process like sanctification and repentance are. You were this, then this happened, then you were that, or you were here, then this happened, then you were there, or you thought this way, then this happened, then you thought this other way. An image that appears often in discussions of […]

Luke 10 Preaching

Luke 10:20  “… don’t rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Please read the first 24 verses of the 10th chapter of Luke. Read it with no thought about what it might be saying about the church. Meditate on every phrase to extract what it might […]

We’re Depending on You

We are depending on you. But that means something different for each one of us. I’m depending on you to help me with my work. He’s depending on you to make him feel better about himself. She needs you to pay her on time so she can pay them on time. He needs $5 to […]

Preparing for Tabernacles

Three big feasts on Yahweh’s calendar were Passover, First Fruits, and Tabernacles. Jesus fulfilled Passover by being sacrificed as the Lamb for our household. The Holy Spirit fulfilled First Fruits (Pentecost) by anointing believers as the beginning of the time of harvest. We are tilling, planting, watering, and at some point in time will be […]

Your Recent Post

Every time you respond to a situation that has ethical implications, if your response is in public, it can have the effect of having been posted on your facebook page: It has entered the news feed of the observers. They judge the event, may make comments, share it if they like it, share it if […]

Expecting Contributions

Most of what we look for from our members of congregations or ministry teams in terms of contribution either falls into the category of money or time. Otherwise, we are usually looking only for compliance. We inform people, especially younger ones, of the rules and protocol and expect them to comply. We engineer structures and […]

The Best Way

The 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians, according to the last verse of chapter 12, is a “way” to be part of the team of people who are the servants in the Church. Chapters 12 and 14 are descriptions of some of the “what” that the Church does, and chapter 13 is a description of “how” […]

Some Assembly Required

Hebrews 10:23-25                                                                                                        Let us hold […]

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