Doing Your Work

Abraham did not preach. He simply obeyed the instructions of Yahweh. Even when Yahweh changed them, as when He told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but then stopped him.

John the Baptist preached. He did no good works – no feeding the poor, no healing the sick, no comforting the broken-hearted.

Philip preached and did miracles. He led a whole Samaritan town to Jesus as Lord and as Savior, including the local witch.

We are ordained to greater works than Jesus did. We are gifted for certain work, and co-missioned with Jesus to do certain things in certain places. Paul wrote that the works are laid out ahead of us – that we weren’t save by works, but we were saved for works (Ephesians 2:4-10).

Just doing the mightiest stuff is not the proper goal in our lives, though. Discerning who our God says we are and what He sees in us as our purposes is the proper goal. If you are not certain yet or currently what the proper goal is, ask Him. He wants you to know. It’s called “the will of God.”

He’s looking forward to us getting it! His Spirit is the Helper to make it happen!