The Greatest Gift

If any of our children ask for something good, we would not give them something evil instead. How much more will our Father Yahweh give His Holy Spirit to any of us who ask Him?

When Simon the warlock saw Philip doing miraculous works as he evangelized the Samaritan town where Simon lived, he was impressed enough to believe Jesus to be the Messiah and get saved from his sin. When he saw Peter and John lay hands on the new believers around him and saw them get filled with the Holy Spirit, he was more impressed than when he saw the miracles through Philip (Acts 8:4-19).

I am convinced that we would be wise to frequently ask our Father to give us the Greatest Gift afresh. It is perhaps even greater than salvation. If we weren’t given the Holy Spirit as an influence, we couldn’t believe and be saved. He wants to continually influence us to greater, deeper experiences in Him.