Being Nutty

An acorn looks absolutely nothing like an oak tree, except maybe in similarity of color. Yet, hidden in the identity of an acorn is perhaps a thousand oak trees, if the little nut’s story goes well.

Who you are after being born of Yahweh was very well hidden by the identity of who you were when born of your parents. Who you can become as His obedient servant, then as His friend, is beyond being guessed or imagined. The details of your identity in Him are real-ized through listening to Him and obeying Him.

He has chosen you. He has ordained you: set you in place with purpose (John 15:16). He has designed His body so that as you fulfill your purpose in it, and others fulfill theirs, things become possible through all of us together that none of us could imagine alone.

It is God Who has set the members in the body in a way that pleases Him, based on His understanding and intentions about our identities and gifts and work (1 Corinthians 12:18). It is by what every relationship supplies to the body that it is built up in love to a mature, appropriate bride for Jesus (Ephesians 4:15-16).

Find out who He sees in you and real-ize that identity. Allow His purposes to be fulfilled in you and through you. Become part of His impact on all of creation by completely being you in Him.