Seeking Blessing

We are more likely to ask Yahweh to bless what we invented than we are to look for what He invented and do what we can to bless it.

Abraham had received promises that Sarah would bear a son to him. The idea was pretty crazy, based on their ages and the fact that she clearly could not get pregnant, or she would have before the promises came. Sarah’s idea to have Hagar bear a son for Abraham had worked out, it seemed – Ishmael had been born, and Abraham loved him as his only son.

Yahweh reminded Abraham that He was going to give him a son through Sarah, and Abraham’s response was, “If only Ishmael might live under Your blessing!” (Genesis 17:18). Yahweh responded that He intended to bless Ishmael, but that His idea about giving Abraham a son was better, and that His idea about blessing all the nations of the earth through a son was going to happen through the son He caused to be born.

Asking His blessing on our ideas is a good thing, but deciding to bless His ideas is much better.