Cast Demons Out

During their Kingdom missions, and as a prophetic picture of their futures after Jesus ascended to Heaven, Jesus instructed His people to throw demons out of people (Mark 6:7-13; Mark 16:14-18).

During the “Dark Ages,” the Roman Church performed exorcisms of demons with the same vigor they performed executions of dissenters. After the “Age of Enlightenment,” scientists taught people that demons were nonexistent, and that everything previously attributed to them was really explainable with science and reason.

When the Church experienced the Pentecostal movement, some people started to perform miracles and cast demons out of people. Both became religious formulas that lost their power in many cases, because people were using mantras they had heard gifted people use, but without gifts. A similar story appears in Acts 19:13-20, when seven would-be exorcists were cast out by a demon.

Somewhere between the mistake that every bad habit or sickness plaguing humans is a “spirit” and the mistake that demons were a pre-science explanation for things that went wrong around humans, there is the truth that unclean spirits are causing problems in the earth and need to be overpowered and dislodged from their positions of influence.

We have authority and responsibility to be dealing with them. If you don’t have ideas yet about your involvement, ask the Spirit what He would like to teach you about the matter.