Born of God

Many psychiatrists think wrongly that we are only two-part beings. One part is physical, the other is some combination of soul and spirit, something that is intangible or untouchable, but which undeniably exists. The fact that they cannot perceive the difference between soul and spirit accounts for the fact that they have only two avenues of assistance to persons in their care. They can counsel, and they can administer drugs. In either event, the techniques that they use to help us are all limited to the flesh as a vehicle for change, because even counseling can affect my soul only by using my eyes and/or ears, which are flesh.

When I perceive that I also have a spirit, I have had revealed to me another avenue of assistance. It is this avenue (my spirit) that God (Who is Spirit) uses most of the time to effect change in me. The first change is to allow my spirit to die, as it was doomed to do, since I was born in Adam’s image. “Now, wait a minute,” I can hear someone cry! “I thought God said He created us in His own image!”

Actually, He only created Adam and Eve in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Adam He created from dust, and Eve He created from Adam’s rib. Cain and Abel were born, not created. Look at the comment regarding Seth’s birth in Genesis 5:3. He was born, and born in Adam’s image in every way. I am a great, great, etc. grandson of Adam, born in his image in every way, including the spiritually dead state he was in by the time he begot Seth, because he had been thrown out of the garden of Eden by then. He was already doomed to spiritual death.

Very good news came to me when it was made known to me that I could go ahead and suffer the spiritual death that I was doomed to, and then in its place receive the spiritual life that Jesus died to give me. If I had died physically in the spiritually dead state that I was in, I would have stayed in my spiritually dead condition for eternity.

Praise His holy Name, He gave the privilege to me of accepting my spiritual death and receiving His Spiritual Life! So, in being born again, I was born in His image this time! Adam was the first person created in God’s image, but Jesus was the first person born in God’s image (Matthew 1:18; Matthew 3:17; John 5:19)! Father desired that Jesus would be the firstborn among many children (Romans 8:29).