Working With Spirits From Heaven

Every spiritual servant from Heaven is not an angel. “Angel” is a partial translation of what would be “messenger” in English if fully translated. Some spirits are powers, some are princes, some are “creatures.” Some are seraphs, cherubs, etc. Not all are messengers.

In Acts 12:1-19, Peter was told what to do by a spirit Luke called an angel while he was delivering Peter from prison. When Paul was writing to congregations in Galatia about the purpose of the laws given through Moses, he said that the law had been their tutor. The scene he described was of the heir in a household being under the authority of a servant when he was a child, but growing into his own authority in his father’s household, he inherited the tutor as a slave he owned (Galatians 3:19-4:7).

Servants from Heaven, including the messengers, are responsible for leading and protecting us until we are mature enough to begin leading in our Father’s enterprises. Shifts in our relationships with them will be that we begin to work with them, we begin to have revelation that they don’t, and we are therefore leading them, and at some point we judge them.

There are people in the earth now who are getting revelation about this sequence of shifts. They may be friends of yours. You may be one of them. Pay attention to the process, wherever you fit into it. It’s important.