Offense of Revelation

When Naaman was instructed by Elisha that he could be healed of leprosy by washing his body 7 times in the Jordan River, he was offended (2 Kings 5:1-14). He thought that he was being told that the Jordan River water could heal him. He was actually being informed that the word of the Lord, once obeyed, would heal him.

Our God gives grace to the humble. He sometimes sends us to receive blessing or revelation through people who offend us or who have wronged us. Being unoffendable, and forgiving anyone who sins against us will improve the likelihood that we will be able to receive blessing in any place the Spirit sends us.

Do not misunderstand or ignore offensive instructions that come from the Spirit. The blessing is in obedience to His word. The place or the person or any other means is just the envelope He chose to send His love letter in.