Obtaining the Promises

The “promises of God” include miracles, maturity both individually and of the whole church, revelation for leadership by the Spirit, freedom from the power of sin, and much more.

The giants of cancer, church splits and fights, confusion and misguidance, addictions, (and more) that are currently squatting in and trying to occupy the place of Yahweh’s promises to us are no match for our God and His ability to empower us and lead us. We must be diligent not to fail the way Israel did when they heard from the majority of their advisors, “…they are stronger than we are!” (Numbers 13:31).

They failed to become who Yahweh said they were because they feared walking in faith. Their enemies may have been greater than them, but they could not be greater than Yahweh, Who told them He would fight for them, and cause them to take the land. Walking in faith is scary, but surrendering to anyone but Yahweh is worse!