Walking With Jesus

On the day that the believers discovered that Jesus was no longer dead or in the tomb where His body had been placed, two disciples were leaving the Passover festivities in Jerusalem and heading home 7 miles by foot to Emmaus. As they discussed what they had seen and heard in the previous few days, they were joined by Jesus. They had been told that He was alive, but didn’t realize the man with them was with him. Luke wrote that they were prevented from recognizing Him (Luke 24:13-49).

They were so excited when they invited Him in when they got home and He opened their eyes to know Him! When He disappeared, they immediately returned to Jerusalem to tell their friends. While they were telling them what they had experienced, He appeared in their midst and scared all of them.

Why did He make the long trip with them, not letting them know Who He was until after He had talked to them for probably 2 hours or more? Why did He appear to them again when they returned to Jerusalem? Why didn’t He walk back with them?

What is there from their experiences with Jesus that we need to learn so that we take better advantage of times He may do the same thing with us?

  • They didn’t recognize Him
  • They didn’t understand His life or mission
  • They were surprised when they found out that He had been with them
  • They were on an inconvenient mission – walking a long way
  • He didn’t give everyone the same experience