Being With Jesus

Then Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and said to them, “Rulers of the people and elders: If we are being examined today about a good deed done to a disabled man—by what means he was healed— let it be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene—whom you crucified and whom God raised from the dead—by Him this man is standing here before you healthy. This Jesus is

The stone despised by you builders,
who has become the cornerstone.

There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.”

When they observed the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed and knew that they had been with Jesus.
(Acts 4:8-13 Holman Christian Standard Bible ® ©)

Peter followed Jesus when the mob had drug him to the home of Caiaphas the night before He was sacrificed. When a slave girl recognized that he had been with Jesus, he was so full of fear that he cursed and lied – swearing that he didn’t know Jesus. The girl knew Peter’s face, and knew that he had been with Jesus.

After Peter was filled with the Spirit, though, it was his boldness and the knowledge that Jesus had imparted to him that caused the rulers to know that he had been with Jesus. He could neither read nor write, but he was arguing theology with the leaders of the nation.

Lord, fill us with Your Holy Spirit and make it easy for anyone we come in contact with to know that we have been with You! Fill us with courage and with understanding and with wisdom.