Being Saved

Two of the words that have been translated “salvation” or “saved” in the New Testament writings are “sozo” and “soteria.” Both are translated in a variety of ways, including “health,” “salvation,” “deliver,” and “save.”

It is important as we think about the salvation offered by the Lord, that though He did come to save or deliver us from sin, He didn’t come to deliver or save us from problems. He seems to set us up for them, in fact. He arranges situations in which we must need a healer, or a warrior, or a comforter, so that we come to know Him in real ways as the Answer to those needs.

He gives us opportunities to grow more like Him by responding to difficulties in His power. When we answer difficult situations with the fruit of His Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), we are experiencing His presence in ways that change us and the people around us. He wants us to mature in His character and His mind.

The devils around us with the brass brushes and steel wool are here to clean off of us everything that is like them but not like Him. That isn’t what they think, but it is what they do. Stop fighting with them until after you submit to Him, and the warfare will be more effective (James 4:7). Stop fighting the process and the change and start asking Him what He is doing and how you can co-operate with Him and your maturity will improve rapidly.